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New Moon in Aries: Bold Beginnings

Happy New Moon, sister. We at GoddessCeremony are hopeful that you have been showering yourself with deep love, gratitude and nourishment. Many of us are in need of extra support right now, and this is a reminder that you are not alone! Click here to view all of the resources GoddessCeremony has to offer to you now, and always.


New Moon in Aries

24 March 2020

4:29 AM EST

As a collective, we are feeling mass shifts and transitions. The energy from the Moon will be heightened during this time as we are asked to truly rest, stay close to ourselves, and travel inward. It is a beautiful time to entrust the guidance of our Moon, and allow her magic to heal. May these words provide you with some peace, and allow you to find comfort within their embrace.

Within the most fertile, energized and lush soil, the New Moon in Aries is born. Aries is the sign that ignites the Zodiac, thus making this New Moon potent to plant intentional, rich and MASSIVE seeds.

It is Spring! Growth, expansion and transformation is among us and ready for us to dive deeply in to her embrace. This is not only a time of transition, but a time of fresh, new and abundant beginnings. We just experienced the shift in to Aries Season on the 19th/20th, as well as the Spring Equinox on the same day. Like a deep inhale, this shift of season, of Moon phase, and of Astrological sign is a potent time to begin.

Along with everything else that is igniting, Saturn is beginning his new adventure in the sign of Aquarius. Saturn has been traveling in the sign of Capricorn since December of 2017, and will now remain in Aquarius until March of 2023. During the time in Capricorn, Saturn was asking for us to work through our karmic cycles. Think to December of 2017 until now… what karma have you been processing and perhaps battling through?

With Saturn in Aquarius, blockages and restrictions that we feel within our life will begin to make themselves known. Saturn builds walls around us to test our willpower to tear them down, and fight for what we know we deserve….and what we really want.

With Saturn’s energy, and the Moon anew, it is YOUR time to begin, again. Shed the karmic skin that you have been wearing for the last three years of Saturn’s journey in Capricorn, and claim what you know is yours. Begin to see yourself, your light, your path and your purpose for exactly what it is.

Use the lightness of the fresh and fragrant air around you as a reminder that growth is a process. Change is a process. Transformation is a process. Plant your seeds….and then wait patiently as they grow. In their own time. In their own way.

We often get so concerned with how our manifestations are going to unfold, and attempt to control the natural forces that are bringing us to them.

This New Moon in Aries asks us to begin to trust. Trust yourself. Trust the process. Trust that you have everything you need right now to begin.


Ways To Honor The New Moon in Aries

Hold a Fire Ceremony

If you are able, have a fire! Honor the igniting energy that Aries holds. Get outside, connect with the wood, paper and earth you are burning, and watch as it transforms. This may require a lot of energy right now, but it is a beautiful way to feel the warmth and invitation Aries and his fire brings to our life. Write out what you wish to release, and throw it in to the flames of this new beginning.

Plant Seeds

Whether it is literally or figuratively, plant seeds of intentions during this sacred and special New Moon for the astrological year ahead. If you are planting physical seeds, make sure to set the pot in a space that you can see often, and watch as your intentions grow, sprout, expand and transform in to its own being.


The energy of a New Moon already asks us to rest. With the energy that is chaotically bouncing around, it will be vital for you to rest during this period of time. Pick up a new book. Pain. Watch a new movie. Sleep in. Drink tea. Make a nourishing meal for yourself. Rest without guilt. You deserve it, and need it.

Write Out a Gratitude List

As we travel in to new beginnings, it is so important that we ensure we are giving thanks for all of the moments, people, alignments and intentions that have created our life thus far. Write out what you are grateful for in your life, right now. We are in trying times, and our world is enduring a massive transformation. It is important to remain grateful for what we still have, even when there is so much unpredictable change occurring around us.

Please, please, please ensure you are taking care of yourself, Goddess. Know you are supported and loved. Trust the intentions you set within this New Moon, and know that though this is the beginning, it is also the end of life, as we knew it before.


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