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Understanding the Moon Phases Means Understanding Your Body

For thousands of years women's bodies have cycled and flowed in alignment with the lunar phases. This powerful phenomena has happened since the beginning of time.

As one waned, as did the other. As one grew in expansion, as did the other. These two seemingly different entities flowed together in unison.

One of my favorite things to teach about is how women and the moon phases cycle together. While most of us did not learn this wisdom growing up, our bodies still cycle with the moon whether we're aware of it or not.

Every month your body moves through natural shifts and these shifts are paralleled to the natural shifts the moon flows through every month.

I have chosen to passionately teach women about this connection because I firmly believe this: when we understand the moon phases, we are able to understand our bodies!

Because the moon and women flow together, we can see how these two things mirror each other. For example, with every new moon, the moon turns within. The sky is dark and she is no longer visible. As women, we tend to feel something similar. We tend to feel lower energy, more introverted and with a huge desire to rest and simply be. This is our most reflective time of the cycle and it's really key to honor this call for rest and contemplation.

However with the Full Moon, we feel the exact opposite. As the moon shines unapologetically and fully, we feel the same energy. This is our most bold time and also when we have the highest amount of energy and feel the most social.

When we understand that our body changes every month, we can offer ourselves compassion throughout the month. We no longer have to push through when our bodies need rest and instead we can have a powerful awareness to support our bodies through all phases.

And this is where transformation really occurs.

By understanding the moon, we understand ourselves.

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In lunar wisdom,

Cassandra Wilder

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