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New Moon in Libra October 2020: Big Balancing

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New Moon in Libra

16 October 2020

3:31 PM EST

October's New Moon in Libra is here and one could say it's not for the faint of heart.

Rebalancing and changing, this Libra New Moon may add some extra chaos momentarily while things come back into a alignment and harmony.

Every New Moon grants us the space to look within, be still and reflect on what is no longer working in our lives. The traditional time of letting go and shedding (both emotionally and physically), this Libra energy may heighten the desire to shift things, end things and seek balance again.

If we have been looking out of alignment with our truth, this New Moon may sting a little bit as we are pulled to see what lies in front of us.

Relationships that are on rocky ground may feel extra hard. Ideas and ventures that were not rooted in purpose or alignment may suddenly feel unsustainable.

The most important thing here is to remember that the New Moon is a teacher. The New Moon will always help us see what is no longer working and give us the clarity to change.

So if something feels really challenging, chaotic or unsustainable, you're being called to sit with it, reflect and take action from an empowered place. Not from fear. Not from scarcity. But from your gut and your heart. Your body always knows truth.

Remember, New Moons are beginnings. What fresh start are you ready to live?

With this New Moon in Libra, be willing to see through the lens of truth. Let the things that are no longer meant for you become evident. Let the new paths you are meant to walk appear. Balance is coming so trust the process and take the next step.


3 Ways To Honor The New Moon in Libra

Release what feels stuck

This New Moon is giving you the clarity to see what is not working. By listening to these nudges, you'll be able to clear space for what DOES feel good. Write it out, burn it and sit with this powerful Libra New Moon.

Communicate intentionally

Miscommunication may be extra prevalent right now, so it could be best to save big conversations for another time or to proceed mindfully and intentionally. If you feel called to make big changes, do so with your highest self in mind.

Set intentions for a new beginning

Grab a piece of paper or whiteboard and jot down 5-10 things you'd like to call in or change with this coming cycle. More self care? An aligned group of friends? Better work boundaries? From this space of releasing AND receiving, anything is possible.


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Chaos comes before the calm. Trust the process.

Let us know how YOU are tapping into this New Moon by tagging us on Instagram @goddessceremony or join the GoddessCeremony Sisterhood on Facebook.

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