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Sacred Women's Circle



a transformational certification program for women who are ready to lead sacred women's circles and embody feminine leadership

Our Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix program is a life changing path for women hearing the call to bring sacred circles to their community and embody feminine leadership. To be a Creatrix is to be a leader, a guide and a mentor. It is to embody grace and deep wisdom. It is a path where we heal our wounds and understand our own journey before lovingly curating a space for others to heal themselves too. 

Now more than ever the world needs powerful, embodied leaders to rise up and heed the call of the Creatrix. It is time for you to step forward. 

"When we heal ourselves and our wounds, we give others around us permission to do the same. "
What you'll receive during the program-
-8 weeks of immersive training and wisdom as we dive into sacred teachings, the art of leading sacred women's circles, the moon phases, healing our own stories, Goddess archetypes, manifestation, guiding in person circles vs. online circles, embodying feminine leadership, energy exchange, the wheel of the year and specialty workshop outlines, crystals and potent tools and how to use them with respect, energy protection, how to call in the directions, ecstatic dance and movement practices and so much more

-3 live calls with women in the program with you to experience beautiful live circles where you can connect, heal, release and grow
-wisdom around how to lead online women's circles, how to curate sacred online memberships and lead life changing offers to women worldwide
-a beautiful sacred workbook and emails each week linking to online discussions and trainings
-a private group to connect with sisters in the program with you
-a gorgeous certificate + guidebook mailed to you upon completion of the course
-listing on as a certified and deeply trained Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, a very respected and sought after title

-in depth guidance surrounding marketing, online memberships and unique workshop offerings

-limited option to work 1:1 with Cassandra

-lifetime access to the program
-and so much more~
Do  you hear the call?
To be a leader and Creatrix?
It's time to rise into the woman you were born to be.


Our next round begins January 22nd, 2024
Online Flow
Week 1: Online Opening Circle, The Sacred Feminine, The Power of Women Gathering, Introduction to sacred practices, the Red Tent
Week 2: Understanding the Goddess Archetypes, Sacred Feminine Leadership, the Wisdom of the Moon Phases, Emotional Intelligence, Cyclical Living
Week 3: Creating a Sacred Women's Circle, In person facilitation, Online circle facilitation, Sacred Energy Exchange, Energy Protection
Week 4: The Art of Holding Space, Sacred Tools to use in Circle Part 1, Ceremony, Working with Crystals
Week 5: Sacred Tools Part 2, Leading with Potency, Releasing + Shedding, Living the Path of the Creatrix
Week 6: Growing your Circles, Magnetizing your Community, Memberships vs. Sacred Circles, Creating a Sacred Online Presence
Week 7: Calling in your Community, Letting your wounds be your wisdom, Sacred manifestation, Embodying a legacy
Week 8: Birthing your Sacred Circles, Sacred Leadership, Weaving everything together for a Transformative Circle
"The women's training was amazing and wonderful. I left the training with a renewed sense of love not only for the sisters I spent it with, but for myself. I also left feeling very much at peace and with a renewed sense of confidence -- for the present and the future. I loved every moment of the Creatrix Training and would absolutely recommend it for every woman -- I would actually strongly encourage it. The women's training with Cassandra makes you realize how much deeper life really is -- apart from the day to day busy-ness. Spending sacred time in this way changes your perspective on life, and on yourself."
- Lauren Scott
Is this program right for you?​
This program is right for you if...
-you want to step into a Creatrix mode - creating your life in alignment with your dreams
-you hear the call to lead sacred circles in your community but don't know where to begin
-you feel called to live in harmony with the moon phases and be a cyclical beings
-you have felt stuck or lost in finding your purpose or career
-you crave deep purpose and want to transform your wounds into your wisdom
-feminine leadership lights you up and you're excited to help others live their purpose too
"Cassandra is changing the world- one goddess at a time. I have lived a very blessed life however for many years I knew that something was missing but I wasn’t sure what. Then by chance I attended a goddess ceremony retreat and the wisdom that Cassandra shared changed my life. As I connected to my goddess energy and listened to my intuition, I became a better physician, a more connected wife and mother and a more thoughtful friend. I then attended the Creatrix Training. I am now poised to take the goddess wisdom and share to other women in my community. With deep gratitude to Cassandra and her team."
- Sandra Lauriat
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Three Powerful Levels
We've proudly certified over 100 incredible women and have 3 options to serve you on your unique journey.
Level One: GODDESS
This powerful 4 week immersion is for women who want to understand themselves, their innate cycles and the moon on a greater level. This level grants you access in our course Embodied Wisdom.
Our Signature 8 week online training that certifies you to lead sacred women's circles in your community. This course is the most comprehensive and in-depth online circle training there is.
Level Three: QUEEN
This specialty training will guide you through the art of leading sacred women's retreats in a small intimate group setting with Cassandra Wilder herself. See more info below
"This training was such a special experience. This is something every woman needs. I feel lighter, calmer, happier, healthier, inspired, and hopeful. I feel as though I’ve reconnected to a part of myself I was afraid I had lost. Also, my insomnia has gone away, my skin has cleared up, and I keep finding myself singing and dancing! I am so impressed with how much love and knowledge was put into this experience. Worth every penny. Thank you!"
- Danielle Augustine
"This training was enlightening, inspiring and so beautiful. We were surrounded by nature and uplifting sisterhood. Cassandra was the perfect facilitator, she gently guided us by sharing her wisdom and holding space for us all to embrace our Wild Women within. The time at this training was so much more than I could have hoped for and everything that my soul needed."
- Michelle Muller

What other tools will I have as I begin my journey?

After completing this transformative program, you will enjoy all of the following gifts~

~listing on under "find a women's circle"
~instruction on creating successful women's circles and workshops in your area

-a certificate and guidebook mailed to you upon completion of the program

~deep level of understanding of sacred circles, lunar phases, traditional holidays, space holding and more

~the respected title of Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix

Why Certification?

Leading a sacred circle for women is an incredible calling. As a circle guide, it is hugely important to understand how to maintain a safe and sacred space, how to approach conflict, how to support a woman in healing, how to protect your own energy and how to effectively hold a sacred circle. 
Thousands of years ago, young women were surrounded by sacred women's circles and the sacred gifts they held. Over the years, however this wisdom and practice has been lost and so have the key elements, rituals and tools. 
This certification program offers all of that to you and more~

Ready to join us?

Are you ready to transform your life and hold that same space for the women in your community?
Are you ready to step into your own divine power?
Are you ready to live your truth?

It's time for you to stand in your light,

to live your truth,

and create a new way of life.

That is the call of the Creatrix.


What does this certification teach me to lead?
As a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, you will be well trained in leading monthly moon circles, sacred women's circles, empowering workshops, traditional holiday celebrations and online circles.

I live outside of the U.S. - which option is right for me?
If you feel called to lead sacred circles, the Level 2 option is fully online and available to any woman worldwide!

I want to lead women's retreats. Where should I start?
Amazing! Our Level 3 Queen program is specifically about retreats. Get more information here

When does this magical journey begin?
The doors are OPEN and ready for you to begin! Pay in full or start a payment plan to officially confirm your spot!

Are there any scholarship 
Yes! We offer a scholarship for our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) Sisters each round. We accept two women per round. You can apply here 

Am I guaranteed certification?
Please note that we do not sell certifications. After successfully completing your 8 week course, you will be granted the title Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix. 
"I loved the Creatrix Certification Course. I learned how to be able to run my own women's circle in my community. The feeling of being to empower women with this knowledge is priceless. I am ready to be a light with all I have learned from this course." 
- Felicia Munson

Become a Certified Creatrix

Reconnect to yourself so you can help others find their center
Heal your wounds so you can support others to heal theirs
Live with empowerment so others can find their path too
Transform your life so you can offer transformation to others
"I am so proud of Cassandra Wilder and what she has done with GoddessCeremony. I first met her in Costa Rica when I attended one of her retreats, and it’s because of this retreat and the life-changing experience and information that she beautifully shared with myself and the other women that I can truly say that I can love the woman that I have become. I then became a Creatrix and have guided women. I have so much gratitude for what she has done and I am honored to be in her circle. Love you Cassandra!”
- Emily Squires

Your dream is within reach!

Claim your spot NOW by paying in full or beginning your payment plan!


Level One

Embodied Wisdom 


Open enrollment

Register here


Level Two

Women's Circle Training


Begins January 22, 2024


Register here in full

Register with payments


Level Three

Retreat Leadership


Next round 2024, TBA


Register here

The doors close soon for these life changing offerings! Payment plans are available for all options - simply click Register to see the payment plan option.

Have a question? Contact us here!

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