Looking for a local women's circle? This page lists all of the women's circles held in each area. The women listed below have studied a variety of sacred practices and been immersed in sacred circles to hold a safe and empowering space for women. These women have completed our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix program and have studied the ways of the sacred feminine and sacred women's circles. We are honored to call these women guides and teachers, here to support other women on their journeys. 



Cassandra Wilder shares her words about women's circles - "Women's Circles are thousands of years old and used to be a regular part of every woman's life. Unfortunately, for many women this sacred space has disappeared and been replaced with jealousy and competition surrounding women. A Sacred Women's Circle is a space where women come together, from all walks of life, of all ages and with different life experiences, and form a safe and sacred space to share. Every circle is different. Some women come to socialize, others come to process deep emotional wounds and some come to hold space for their sisters in their community. They are deeply transformative and open up a whole new community of loving and conscious women. We come together as strangers and leave as sisters. So often we are unable to express what is truly going on for us in our lives or we feel like no one understands what we are experiencing. A women's circle is a beautiful space to surround yourself with like minded women who can support you and guide you if you wish. If you have never been to one, I encourage you to come and try one. It may just change your life."



Each of these women are certified as a Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix with ~ a respected and sought after title


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Danne Cole

Having always been inspired by the healing that Mother Earth offers, Danne found her way to books, classes, and mentors that provided the stones that built her path. 

Knowing that she would need to, first, find healing within, Danne began to study and practice meditation, journaling, and energy healing. 


Danne received her Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Certificate from Goddess Ceremony in mid 2019 and a Crystal Healing Certificate in early 2018 from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy .  She has also begun Reiki training with Empire Awaken and looks forward to beginning a study in herbalism to further explore Mother Earth's natural remedies.


Goddess has given her many lessons in many forms. She has helped Danne to see that healing lies within and that if we can just place one foot in front of the other on this journey, we can arrive at a place of compassion and understanding for each other and ourselves. It is pure joy to offer healing and guidance to you on your journey.


Dolores J. Gozzi

Having extensively studied the Divine Feminine Mysteries, and apprenticed for many years with shamans, priestesses, and oracles, as well as having researched her own ancestral lineage to receive deep healing, Dolores is a sacred wisdom guide, helping others to work magically, and energetically with the elemental spirits of nature, and weaves her alternative therapy techniques in to this work to bring to you a complete, and natural healing solution for the balancing of the body, mind and spirit. For Dolores, the elemental forces of nature have helped her to deeply align with her soul's map, path and purpose, and working with them has helped her to cultivate a well-rounded, and balanced life.



Kelsey Elaine

Kelsey is a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Based out of central Massachusetts, Kelsey holds monthly sacred women’s circles at Crystalline Awaken. She is passionate about empowering women and is honored to hold a space for women to feel seen, loved, and supported. Her intention is to help women heal and re-connect to their body and spirit through movement, meditation, and nature.



Megan Lendman

Megan comes from a long line of women healers, both indigenous and immigrant. As a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, Professional Photographer, and through her family's naturopathic practice The Remedy House, she holds space for women to be their authentic selves and heal from the inside out. At a circle led by Megan, you can expect to laugh, cry, and be seen for who you really are -- with no judgement. She serves the Grand Rapids area primarily, but is always eager to explore and connect in other places. 



Chelsey Wildfire

Chelsey Krecklau is wild at heart, unapologetically free and authentic. It is her life mission to help empower other people, especially women on their journey. She creates a good balance of healing energy and joyous interactions. Her intention is to empower other woman to embrace their inner goddess and step into alignment with their truest self. She serves the Minneapolis area. 



Renee Scheer

Reneé is a life long Artist, Certified Women's Circle Creatrix, Certified Coach, Intuitive Channel and Modern Day Goddess. After immersing herself in women’s circles, retreats, artistry, divine feminine ritual and spiritual growth work since 2004, she found her true calling to empower women in sacred sisterhood. Reneé believes that every woman has a creative, wild and free soul and is passionate about intuitive creative expression and the power of community to explore and embody a higher consciousness for transformation and manifestation.  She believes every woman has the ability to "Paint Their Life Canvas" and become truly empowered.  Reneé is the host of the Empowered Goddess Creative Podcast delivering divine feminine wisdom, inspiration and transformational stories to her audience.  When Reneé is not working with women, she is painting, traveling, spending time with her fur baby and immersing herself in her local community of women.


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Amber Howard

Amber Howard was born in Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. The oldest of 7 children, she naturally fell into a motherly role as she helped with raising and nurturing her siblings after her father left the home during her childhood.  She learned the value of hard work and perseverance by watching her mother work fervently to support their family and finish schooling to be a nurse. At 19 years old she followed her passion of music by embarking on a scholastic journey. Graduating with a Bachelor's in Music Performance, and with schooling completed, she discovered a wild and unquenchable desire for travel and exploring the world.  She began traveling all over North America, with a goal of exploring every state and has had the opportunity to travel to Europe as well.  


During her travels she began having an increased awareness and appreciation for her health, both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Through many experiences she began cultivating an intense desire to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of energy work and utilizing the tools she had began discovering that had offered her so much healing on her journey.  On this journey she discovered a life purpose of bringing these tools to other men and women, being able to guide others on their own life path, and hold a space of love and light for others.


Today, Amber is a dedicated independent Mother of one incredible son, an Entrepreneur, a Wanderess, and a Sound Healer. As a Lightworker, she has found Divine purpose in bringing light, love, joy, hope, and healing to the world through music, creating as many life experiences as possible, and serving those she meets.



Michelle Muller

Michelle is a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix, Chef, Reiki Practitioner and an earth goddess at heart. S Michelle is honored to guide women on their journey to discovering their voice, strength and truest path. She believes that as women, there are more things that unite us than separate us. Life is a journey and sisterhood makes it a little more beautiful. Michelle serves the greater Chittenden County area.

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Marcia Chambers

"Creating a life, I love."

Marcia is a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix,
Holistic Essential Oil Practitioner and in the archetype “Enchantress” phase of the Divine Feminine.
She is called to pass on her wisdom of fulfilling her life’s purpose of being a teacher and healer to others. She wants to empower women to follow their life journeys with a renewed sense of purpose and love for themselves.

Marcia lives in Ely, a small town in northern Minnesota that is a dot on the map right under the border of Canada in the Boundary Waters Canoe area.
She loves walking in the forest which soothes her soul and encourages transformation. She is working on building sisterhood in her community of

She is grateful for her life experiences and the wisdom she has gained that allows her to help in her life’s purpose of guiding women in their healing
process and teaching them about the tools available to aid in their journey. She fulfills her passion of facilitating Sacred Women’s Circles and various
workshop topics in her studio. She teaches how to live by the lunar cycles, using essential oils, crystals, flower essences, ecstatic dance, balancing the
chakras, vibrational energy healing, sacred practices, and manifestation (I have proven it so works!).

She serves the Ely area.


You may contact Marcia at


Jessi Moore

After seeking out genuine connection and sisterhood for herself, Jessi was thrilled by the opportunity to become a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix. Her ambition is to hold supportive spaces for women to gather, share, create & celebrate while experiencing a deep authenticity within themselves. She is passionate about personal development and devoted to exploring, healing, and revealing the Wild Woman in us all! Jessi serves Fort Collins & the Northern Colorado area.


Michelle Namer

Michelle is a Certified Sacred Circle Creatrix, Attorney, and Women’s Pleasure expert.  Michelle believes pleasure is a powerful creative and healing force within us all, especially women.  Michelle’s Sacred Circles emphasize and provide a spiritual approach to increasing sensuality and magic that will bleed over into every part of your life.  Michelle has worked with Goddess Ceremony, the infamous Mama Gena, and other pleasure experts, and she is equipped to walk with you on the path to spiritual bliss.  Join a Sacred Circle with Michelle and tap into the most fun, creative, and juicy way possible to heal yourself, your community, and the world - by folding pleasure into every fiber of your being.  It is her greatest Pleasure to hold a space for you that honors your cycles, the Mother Nature’s cycles, and the power of well-pleasured women.  Michelle serves the Metro Atlanta area.



Chrysalis Creatrix Shot.jpg

Chrysalis Dodge

My name is Chrysalis and I am a Certified Women’s Circle Creatrix, a passionate empath, a writer, and a flow artist. My mission is to aid women in acknowledging their divine potential and letting their authentic voice be heard.  Through traveling to music festivals and meeting many unique beings, I have developed a strong love for connecting to women and their wisdom. 
I started on this path when I began working at my local crystal shop. The enchanting environment and powerful souls that I met helped release me from a dark place and re-awaken my wild self. On my journey, I discovered my alignment with crystal healing, writing, and immersion in nature. I’m committed to encouraging women to never hold back any part of themselves, to see parts of the world they have never seen, and to let their heartwork be seen. My goal is to create a supportive web of women who are called to share a connection with each other and with our sacred planet. I believe that through feminine empowerment women can uncover the courage to become their truest, boldest, wildest self. Currently, I reside in Massachusetts. However, in the next few months I am relocating to the desert of Arizona that has been calling me for some time now.


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Alyssa Turcsak

Bio and more coming soon!


Ariana Archuleta

Arie Marie made a statement to the Divine about 3 years ago that she would love to walk the path of a healer. She made a promise to start working on herself so that she could become a clear channel for spirit. It was then she began to get many signs and synchronicities and found herself on the path of becoming a Creatrix. During that time she found herself exploring the realm of the Fae. She became aware that in her past life she was labeled a witch. Arie discovered her energy is ever altering, expanding and contracting. She is a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, Crystal Reader/Keeper, Mystic, Oracle/Seer and Healer.



Sandra Lauriat

Sandra is an enchantress, physician healer, creator, seeker and certified women’s circle creatrix whose passion is igniting the divine feminine power in women .  With intuition and intention, she brings her unique goddess vibe to sacred circles and workshops and holds a safe, reverent and transformative space for all who gather.  Currently serving North Texas and Oklahoma, she will also travel to bring the wisdom of the divine feminine to others outside this area.



Hailey Meadow

Meadow​ is the world's leading expert in crystals. She is also a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, Artist and Mama to 3 beautiful souls. Passionate about natural health, birth, women's wellness and the healing nature of crystals, Meadow holds a safe and nurturing space to all who join her. When she is not guiding other women, she enjoys creating her beautiful custom jewelry line and learning from her incredible children. She serves the Utah County area. 



Kelsey Lessick

I live with my husband, daughter, and two fur babies outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. After a career in customer service, I felt the pull to engage my time in ways that help empower other women. Through this Creatrix Training and my blog/business Circle of Red Thread, I am so excited to be offering Sacred Women Circles  in my area and continuing to follow where the universe leads me for what work to do next. I'm incredibly blessed and so thankful for all the twists and turns that helping me heal my wounds and bring me to this moment. I believe we are all on a continual self-care journey and I cannot wait to meet all the beautiful souls I will meet through these circles and this safe space. 




Karen Koslov-Barski

Karen is a Creatrix residing in Maui, Hawaii, working solely with the Divine Feminine. 

Karen's specialty is hosting sacred circles with a focus on a multitude of topics such as

heart healing, self-love, loss, trauma, womb wisdom,  sacred movement, meditation, gratitude, lunar rituals, Yoni moon glowing, feminine rituals, private events and so much more!


You may contact Karen at





Ashley Redelico

Ashley is a certified Sacred Women's Creatrix, a holistic wellness coach and a lover of life. She believes that each woman has the strength and power to heal old wounds and to love herself unconditionally. Ashley supports women, to be their most authentic self, and to get in touch with that beautiful, wild goddess that lives within. Always walking her own path of healing, Ashley fully embodies a body-mind-soul approach to life. She happily serves the Colorado Rocky Mountain area. 


Christy Guyer

Christy Guyer is a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Singing Bowl Alchemist and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Christy is passionate about her own self growth and is honored to hold space for women to open to their unique and authentic nature.  She believes that women awakening to the wisdom of the womb is where transformation takes place; when women unite, magic happens!  Christy serves the Chicagoland area.



Holly Mihelic

Holly is a life coach and columnist who elevates others through the power of words and connection. She loves helping women and teen girls heal and empower their hearts and souls through her business, She Glows Wellness. Holly graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in broadcast journalism and has a specialization in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She has completed a series of advanced coaching and leadership certifications as well as a KRI-accredited Kundalini Yoga certification. She is a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix through GoddessCeremony and leads monthly healing circles for women in the Metro Detroit area. Holly's mission is to help others make peace with their past, find answers in their present and gain clarity of their future.



Lauren Scott

As a trained holistic women's health coach and vaginal steaming facilitator, Lauren's passion is teaching women how to use the wisdom of the past and present to achieve the health, life and community they desire. Lauren loves weaving traditional, ancient modalities with modern day wisdom to provide women with a foundation for health that honors the sacred feminine. With her training as a Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix, Lauren is so excited to bring women together in her community to share her passions and provide a healing space that combines her knowledge with the special experiences that each women has to offer. She serves the Traverse City area.


Felicia Munson

Felicia Munson was born and raised in New Mexico. A mother to a sweet toddler, she was moved to  undergo some deep spiritual healing back in September of 2017. She attended a Goddess Ceremony and discovered the powerful and transformative powers of a Women's Circle. She has been called to continue to heal her life and lead Women's Circle's in her own community in Albuquerque, NM where she can lead other women to find light and love within themselves. She hopes to inspire other women in all walks of life to lead a more spiritually fulfilled life. 



Mariah Waller

Mariah is a Sacred Woman’s Circle Creatrix, Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer and Crystal Singing Bowl Alchemist. She is passionate about creating a sacred safe place for women to support and uplift each other without jealousy or judgement. She believes its important to fix another’s woman’s crown without letting the world know it was crooked to begin with. 


ashley .jpg

Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, Crystal Healer and a Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix. Having a strong passion in women's health and wellness, she continues to pursue her education in women's wisdom. She is excited to lead women's circles filled with strong & compassionate women in the community. She serves the Park City area. 



Randi Johnson

Randi Johnson is a fiercely passionate and compassionate woman. She brings you healing from her history that combines  ancestral wisdom, studies, travels and intuitive listening. Randi has been a student

of Shamanic ritual, sacred women circle ceremony, and also supports families as they let go of dying children (born and unborn) as a Sacred Passage Doula. She has 13 years’ experience as an attorney and owns a law firm in Washington. Randi’s mission is to contribute to the world by helping others create and reclaim Joy after a loss.

Randi can help you design a ritual or ceremony to your specific need. She also leads Women’s Circles and workshops.


Monica Fischer

Bio and links coming soon!



Odessa Lorraine

Odessa is a birth doula, a midwives second attendanting and is also a trained Sacred Womans Circle Creatrix.
She began her healing journey after the disempowering birth of her first and has now been supporting other woman during such a transformational time in their lives for the past 4 years. 
During her work as a birth doula she has seen the disconnect between woman and their bodies and their power. This is why she has decided to hold space for woman in a deeper way by holding Prenatal Women's Circles.
Odessa serves the southern Ontario area, and more specifically Haldimand/Norfolk.
For more information on upcoming circles please reach out via email or social media.


Josephina Hanke

Hej. I am Josephina.

I love to be grounded and slow. It is really important for me to create space for myself and the people around me to slow down, enjoy and to embrace the small things in life.
The last few years I've studied bodywork and body connection, sexuality, communication, being a woman and "soulfood“. I`ve also studied 2 years of Sexocorporel, a body based sexual therapy from Switzerland. One of my passions is to work with energy healing, which I`ve got initiated to in 2019.
In that way I've collected a lot of exercises and tools for my daily life to love my body and stay connected with it. Since 2019 I`ve been hosting Women's Circles in Denmark with different themes. Now I am also an officially certified Women`s Circle Creatix and I am so honored to open this space and share these things with you. I am also going to host online circles again, so you are very welcome to join from wherever you are.


You can find all my circles on Facebook and you are very welcome to contact me, if you have any questions.


Jacqueline Kofoed

Having participated in many women’s circles over the past 15 years and exploring the goddess path for over 20 years, becoming a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix through Goddess Ceremony felt like a beautiful next step. Jacqueline is passionate about all things involving sisterhood and the Feminine Divine. She believes that we all have a deep ancient knowing and soul connection inside of us and given a safe, sacred space in which to explore, we can reconnect with our inner wisdom and our personal power. The power of women sitting together in circle has a ripple effect that can change the world. It’s time to reclaim our wild woman, our goddess selves. The world definitely needs more of that! Jacqueline is honoured to serve the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. 


Clemence Guin

Clemence Guin is an Osteopath and a Certified Sacred Women´s Circle Creatrix, a title she has earned after ten years of 

finding and reconnecting with herself and attending many Women´s Circles along the way. She heard the call to continue to heal her life and lead Women´s Circles herself. Her wish is to support and inspire other women on their journey. She wants to transmit the ancestral knowledge of womenhood

around a sacred and safe space. Clemence currently lives in the beautiful beach town of Samara, up in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Samara is the place where she came to reconnect with nature and a simple way of life and she is thrilled to share it! 

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