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Welcome sacred sister,

To our Women's Blessingway Training online course. This sacred women's course was created with the intention to spread awareness about Blessingways and to empower more sisters to lead Blessingways in their communities. 

A Blessingway is a powerful and nourishing experience that focuses on celebrating a pregnant mother. Unlike a baby shower which tends to focus on the unborn baby, a Blessingway is an empowering and celebratory space for the mother to be supported by her sacred community.

By hearing this call to support mothers, you are reviving a sacred practice that is hundreds of years old. Welcome sister, to this sacred training! 

Have you heard the call to guide Sacred
Blessingways but haven't known where to begin?
This sacred training will teach you how to stand as a Women's Blessingway Guide and empower women in your community
If you have heard the call to support mothers and lead Blessingways, this is your space to rise! Through this sacred online program, you'll learn the art and wisdom of Blessingways, how to lead them in your community and how to stand as a Women's Blessingway Guide.
What you'll receive during the training-
-Access to the Blessingway Training portal where you'll find videos discussing the art of Blessingways, information about the significance and traditional history of Blessingways and practical wisdom to create a healing and empowering gathering
-A beautiful printable women's workbook
-Detailed information about sacred practices, activities and ceremonies that can be weaved into your Blessingway as well as sample ceremony flows
-Access to playlists to use at your sacred Blessingways
-Information about energy exchange, money and finding women in need of a Blessingway
-Printable informational cards to give guests at each Blessingway if they are unfamiliar with what goes on at a Blessingway
-Information about offering food, bringing guest henna artists and other special offerings
PLUS these exclusive BONUSES:
-Listing on under Women's Blessingway Guides
-Online support for questions
-Access to these materials for life
-Coupons for future GoddessCeremony trainings
Women all across the world are hearing the call to remember this sacred practice.
Now is the time to revive this sacred practice for the women in your community
Hearing a Yes in your heart?
Get certified now and start supporting women in your community!
After purchasing the course, you'll be emailed a link to enter the sacred Blessingway training immediately. 
This training can be taken at your own pace and you'll have lifetime access to reflect on this wisdom whenever needed!
You'll also be listed on the GoddessCeremony website with over 40,000 women visiting each month. You'll be listed right on the GoddessCeremony website for women searching for Blessingway Guides in their area! 
Ready to become a guide?
If you are ready, sacred sister, to offer sacred Blessingways in your community, celebrate motherhood, gather women in a sacred space and be a reviver of wisdom, this sacred training is for you!

Reserve your spot above to be registered to begin this sacred training! 

Is this program right for you?
This program is right for you if...
-you are passionate about motherhood, birth and the divine feminine
-you believe all mothers deserve to be celebrated
-you are passionate about ceremony or healing
-you work within the healing community and desire to add a new skill to your tool box
-you wish to honor pregnant mothers
-you believe in the magic of motherhood and the feminine
Our intention is to give you the tools you need to actively begin to lead Blessingways in your community. Not only will you receive practical information to create your Blessingways but you'll also be listed on the GoddessCeremony website so that women in your area can find you! 
All women who complete this sacred training will be granted the title of Women's Blessingway Guide and be listed at


When does this sacred program begin?

-This training is open enrollment style so as soon as you purchase the course, you'll have full access to the training and all materials.

How long can I access the training portal?

-With this purchase, you gain lifetime access to all of these materials!

Do you teach different levels of Blessingways? I'm not sure the women in my community are open to a full ceremony

-Yes, we will offer you the tools to make your Blessingway as ceremonial or approachable as you desire. We recognize that not all women are familiar with Blessingways and thus offer you the tools to make your Blessingways adjustable to the mother's preferences.

How do I get certified?

-After completing your workbook and videos, you will be able to request your certificate and listing on 

If you feel called to lead sacred women's circles as well as Blessingways, we recommend signing up for our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training for women. This powerful training is for women who feel called to lead sacred women's circles in their communities. This training is more in-depth than the Blessingway Training and will allow you to gain the tools needed to lead sacred circles. 
After reserving your spot above, you will receive an email confirming your spot in this sacred training.
Still have a question? Message us here.
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