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- Retreats -

GoddessCeremony holds transformative Sacred Goddess Retreats across the United States and worldwide. These retreats are empowering and inspiring spaces for women to awaken the wild woman within. See our calendar of upcoming retreats here.  

- Events -

We hold sacred events and workshops around the world for women looking for sacred circles and healing spaces to connect in sisterhood. These events span from a couple hours to full day long immersions. See our calendar of upcoming events and workshops here

- Podcast -

We host the GoddessCeremony Podcast - an inspiring and empowering podcast for women on the path of healing, self discovery and transformation. You can find a new episode every Monday on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Google Play, iHeartRadio or wherever you listen to podcasts! Hosted by Cassandra Wilder, this podcast will support you in connecting to your power.

- Women's Trainings -

We lead life changing trainings for women around the world. From Women's Circle Certification Trainings to Moon Phase Trainings, these courses are for women who are ready to take their wisdom to the next level. You can see our upcoming trainings here.

- Blog -

We post a fresh blog post every single day Monday - Friday! Dive into powerful wisdom about women's health, the Divine Feminine and healing each day on the GoddessCeremony Blog.

- Teachings Library -

If you're looking for in-depth information about powerful subjects, the Sacred Teachings Library is for you. Here you can find 30-60 minute videos about womb health, the moon phases and other specific subjects around the Divine Feminine and women's health.

- Yoga -

We teach women how to flow through yoga with the Divine Feminine activated in our online six class package of Wild Goddess Yoga. This popular offering is for any woman who's ready to weave together the Goddess and Yoga.

- Store -

We curate healing tools and sacred offerings for women looking for support on their wellness journey. From vaginal steam herb kits to nourishing breast massage oils, our sacred store is full of empowering tools and gifts.

goddessceremony podcast featuring cassan

See our testimonials page to see what women have said about our Sacred Goddess Retreats and empowering workshops.