Looking for a woman in your area to hold a Sacred Blessingway for you or a friend? This sacred directory lists all of the women worldwide who have completed our Mother's Blessing Guide Training with GoddessCeremony. These women have immersed themselves in the wisdom of Blessingways, the art and tradition of these sacred celebrations and are excited to be of service to mothers around the world. 




Cassandra Wilder shares her words about Blessingways - "A Blessingway is a sacred celebration to honor women as they transition from maiden to mother. The sacred Blessingway practice is based in Ancient Navajo wisdom, though many cultures around the world held similar celebrations for pregnant women. A Blessingway is a healing and supportive space for a pregnant woman as her dearest sisters gather to honor her, celebrate her and acknowledge her and this powerful journey. Every Blessingway is different because every mother is different and this is what makes this sacred gathering such a special rite of passage. If you are pregnant or if you have a friend who is pregnant, I encourage you to consider a Blessingway. Far more empowering and supportive than a Baby Shower, a Blessingway allows mothers to receive the love and support they deserve during this time in their lives." 





Each of these women are certified as a Women's Blessingway Guide with ~ a respected and sought after title

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Chieftess Dr. E Star

I hold a PHD in Philosophy, and I am a Wholistic Wellness Practitioner, board certified drugless practitioner, herbalist and tantra practitioner, who loves The Divine feminine.  I home birthed three children, and have assisted in birthing forth babies of many other mothers.  I wanted to fulfill my hearts calling to honor life in all its great aspects, so I answered the call. 


Hailey Meadow

Meadow is a leading expert in crystals, empowerment and coaching. She is also the owner of the crystal store Meadow's Crystals in Lehi, UT. Passionate about crystals and being a mama to 3 beautiful souls, Meadow teaches mothers how to step into their new role with grace, wisdom and support. 




Dolores J Gozzi

Having extensively studied the Divine Feminine Mysteries, and apprenticed for many years with shamans, priestesses, and oracles, as well as having researched her own ancestral lineage to receive deep healing, Dolores is a sacred wisdom guide, helping others to work magically, and energetically with the elemental spirits of nature, and weaves her alternative therapy techniques in to this work to bring to you a complete, and natural healing solution for the balancing of the body, mind and spirit. For Dolores, the elemental forces of nature have helped her to deeply align with her soul's map, path and purpose, and working with them has helped her to cultivate a well-rounded, and balanced life.

Her work has inspired her to create programs that bridge the ancient ways to the modern woman, and to guide women to access their gifts, transform their challenges, bring desires naturally into form, connect to their unique sacred essence and live their highest soul/life purpose.




Virginie Cieutat

I am a nurse, acupuncturist, and doula. I organize Cacao Ceremonies for Full Moon events in French Caribbean territories.

(Guadeloupe,  F.W.I.)

I regularly participate in Women's circles.

I am really passionate about the power of women. I honor each woman in their life and even more for pregnancy.


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Erica Larsen

Erica Larsen is the founder and CEO of Bold Rebalance; a wellness resource platform that combines science and ancient wisdom to bring you an intuitive and wholistic approach towards health and healing. Erica is devoted to teaching women how to use the ancient wisdom of the past combined with the knowledge of today to awaken the feminine and strengthen the sisterhood among us. Erica is excited to begin her training with Goddess Ceremony in spring of 2019 to become certified as a Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix where she will gain the knowledge and skills to lead women’s circles and provide a healing space for the wild woman to be awakened. Erica serves the Boise area. 




If you hear the call to guide women in your communities, sign up for our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training. This powerful training will certify you to lead women's circles and workshops in your community! Join us in supporting the Divine Feminine as she rises!