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You want to understand your body and the power that comes from understanding your cyclical nature.

We help women regulate their menstrual cycle so that they can find empowerment and freedom in their bodies and monthly rhythms. Unlike some courses that focus just on vague spiritual practices, this training combines science and spirituality to give you the tools you need to feel connected and in sync.
We combine science and spirituality to help you end painful periods

You'll say goodbye to debilitating cramps, days in bed and feelings of brokenness. With the support and guidance of this powerful women's course, you'll have all of the tools you need to end painful periods and a feeling of disconnect.

Real results from real women

We've helped hundreds of women like you experience pain-free cycles. Here's what some women have reported experiencing after this course:
⫸Pain-free menstrual cycles
⫸Shorter cycles overall and less PMS
⫸Feelings of connection during their menstrual cycle
⫸More energy and improved mood
⫸Significant reductions in other related health conditions like endometriosis, cysts and chronic infections
You too can feel empowered in your body.

You don't have to suffer alone anymore

This course is the solution you've been waiting for. Combining scientific approaches with the spiritual wisdom of the Divine Feminine, you'll feel connected and empowered in your body. 

The significance of women and the moon

Every month, your body shifts, ebbs and flows in unison with the moon phases. By understanding how the moon affects you, your hormones, energy levels, libido and mood, you'll know exactly how to support your body.
Understanding this connection is vital to healing your irregular and painful menstrual cycle! This graphic shows just how connected your cycle and the moon cycle really is.

You'll learn how to end painful periods as well as

⫸what it means to have an empowered menstrual cycle
⫸how women cycle with the moon and how to use this cycle to balance your hormones
⫸how to heal PMS forever
⫸the wisdom of the new moon, menstruation and introspection
⫸the power of the full moon, ovulation and creation
⫸how to connect to your womb and intuition
⫸how to eat for your cycle and balance your cycle through food
⫸the spiritual significance of menstruation and menstrual blood
⫸how to track your ovulation as a natural form of birth control
⫸herbal medicine to alleviate painful periods
⫸how to support the health of your cervix, womb and vagina
⫸and so much more!

But that's not all! You'll also receive these exclusive bonuses

Goddess Yoga Class

A 60 minute Goddess inspired yoga class to help you connect to the Divine Feminine through flow

Healing Meditation

A powerful womb meditation to teach you how to connect to your most sacred space

Lifetime Access

Come back to this wisdom whenever you want with exclusive lifetime access to all of the content

Guest Interview

We are honored that Hailey Meadow, Crystal Healer and women's circle creatrix is a guest speaker sharing her wisdom of crystals and healing!

About your Teacher

My name is Cassandra. I remember the days of painful periods, severe PMS and pain that left me in bed for two days at the start of my cycle. I felt broken, hungry for connection and disempowered by my own body. 
Does this sound familiar? 
My life completely transformed when I began to learn about the wisdom of the feminine on a lake in Guatemala. For the first time in my life, I felt empowered enough to truly create the life of my dreams! I combined this spiritual inspiration with my formal training as a Naturopathic Doctor to create a course unlike any other.
By combining the spiritual with the science, we create true answers for healing. I've been grateful to personally work with over a 1,000 women and help them heal debilitating cycles and find empowerment through their bodies. 
It's time for you to feel this too.
IMG_9400 copy.jpg

Are you ready to say adios to monthly cycles you despise?

You have the answers right in front of you. Now is the time to take the first step.

This course was made for you if...

⫸You're tired of monthly cycles that deplete you
⫸You are ready to feel healthy and balanced during your period 
⫸You want to understand your body through science and spirituality
⫸You crave a connection to the moon
⫸You experience reproductive health concerns like inferility, cysts or postpartum depression

Kami, Mother

“I needed this training at a time when I had no other options. I was losing time with my family being so exhausted by my period and hormones each month. This course gave me the info I needed to finally feel informed enough to heal myself. Thank you."


Meadow, Crystal Healer

“I came across this amazing program at a time in my life when I was searching for my real purpose and passion. The Embodied Wisdom Program helped me reconnect with my feminine self and has inspired new creativity and passion for life. I also got to learn about how to support my body with nutrition, how my body is meant to sync with the moon and I found something I didn’t expect to find: a safe place to discuss ideas, personal growth and sisterhood.”


Samantha, Educator

"I was just doing the sacred menstruation module and I really enjoyed it. It's my dream to help educate women about the beauty and sacredness of their cycles and I think you do such a lovely job!"

Finally feel empowered in your body and monthly rhythms

With this women's course you receive:
4 weeks of teachings, videos and support in the realm of menstruation, hormone balance and the moon phases
⫸exclusive bonuses of sacred womb meditations, goddess yoga and a guest interview
⫸practical teachings that will give you immediate support
⫸a printable workbook to use throughout the course
⫸lifetime access to all materials

But wait, there's more

We want you to have all the tools you need to feel empowered and inspired from this course, so we're throwing in even more goodness to help you along. 
When you purchase this course, you'll also receive an EXCLUSIVE live webinar called Living in Flow. Valued at over $200, this webinar will give you the exact tools you need to track your cycle and end the burnout cycle that so many women fall into throughout the month.


The doors are NOW OPEN - but only for a limited time! Grab your spot NOW to begin your life changing journey!

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