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Full Moon in Taurus October 2020: Shedding and Transforming

Happy Full Moon! Tonight is especially potent with the Blue Moon AND Halloween. To learn how to celebrate the sacred root of Halloween (known as Samhain), click here. There's lots of powerful significance to today!


Full Moon Taurus

October 31st, 2020 at 10:49 AM EST

It's getting spooky tonight!

Lots of forces are at play tonight with our October Full Moon in Taurus and Halloween. October is especially significant because of the TWO Full Moons in one month. This makes tonight's moon known as a Blue Moon - the second full moon of the month.

Any time there are two full moons in one month, there is a heightened theme of shedding and letting go. The world is moving through some deep changes and this Full Moon is here to help ground us through the rebalancing. Letting go, burning away the old and uncovering truth are massive themes of this Full Moon.

The 31st also marks what many of us call Halloween. Known traditionally as Hallow's Eve or Samhain, this potent evening has been celebrated for hundreds of years as a portal of life and death.

Samhain and Dia de los Muertos are said to be the window when the veil is thinnest between this world and the realm beyond. Connecting to ancestors and those who have passed through the veil is said to be possible on this night and the powerful reminder of our mortality and ability to let go is also present.

Things are most painful before the rebirth, and this moon symbolizes that to such an auspicious level.

While the veil is thinnest tonight, you may feel a heightened ability to clear, shed and let go. You may feel connected to your guides and lineage. You may feel extra emotional and chaotic. You may feel overwhelmed.

This is okay.

Tonight is a deep portal, so prepare for a deep shedding and unveiling.

October's Blue Moon and Sacred Samhain dance together to shift our reality. Let go. Shed. Birth through the new portal - even if it's challenging. Things will begin to change until next month's Eclipse so trust the process.


Here are three ways to harness this powerful Full Moon:


Write out the things you're releasing tonight. Write out as much as you need to to feel free of the weight you are carrying. And then if you can, burn it!


Emotions are meant to be felt. If something is bubbling beneath the surface, give yourself compassion to feel it, express it and let it go.


Create a sacred altar with photos of those who have passed or those you want to be connected to tonight. Light candles. Burn incense. And reflect on those who have passed through the veil.

Other ways to celebrate:

-lay your crystals outside with the full moon

-make a full moon bath salt and enjoy a luxurious bath

-tune into the GoddessCeremony Podcast and get inspiration

-make a nourishing herbal tea to regulate your cycle

Tonight is powerful! Feel it all!

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6 days ago

Без сумніву, це дуже круто, що ми можемо поспілкуватися з приводу новин, а те, що ви хочете завжди отримувати якісні та актуальні новини, дуже гарне бажання. Я точно можу сказати, що наразі тільки один інформаційний портал може задовольнити цю потребу. Я наразі використовую саме цей інформаційний портал, котрий надає мені новини про наших політиків, і дуже круто, що вони роблять такі якісні матеаріали про Володимира Зеленського, а також про його команду, що в свою чергу допомагає бути в курсі всіх подій. Дуже круто, що я можу без жодних нюансів та проблем отримувати свіжі новини пов'язані з Володимиром Зеленським, а також дізнаватися про інші події, що пов'язані з іншими тематиками нашого світу. Це в свою чергу надає мені більш об'єктивного…

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