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  • Sarah Del Rey

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Cleansing your crystals is an important practice to get in the habit of! Crystals can become physically dusty, sticky, or lackluster.

The easiest way to physically cleanse crystals when they are dusty is to use a small soft brush. A small make-up or paintbrush is a perfect size and soft enough for the precious stone!

When crystals become sticky to the touch or begin to lackluster, it’s best to place them in a bowl of water mixed with a mild detergent. Be cautious though, because not all crystals are water-soluble (for example, Selenite is not a water-soluble crystal). You can let the crystals soak for a little while. Then thoroughly rinse the crystals with water. They will be sparkling like new! You can place them aside to air dry, or pat them dry with a soft cloth.

Not only do crystals need to be physically cleansed, but they also need to be cleansed of energy absorbed by yourself, others, and the environment.

Crystals are incredible because they can absorb and focus energy. But it doesn’t matter if that energy is considered good or bad. It happens no matter what! And that’s why it’s important to cleanse crystals regularity to keep them clear and optimal for healing work.

Several traditional cleansing methods work great in cleansing crystals of absorbed and built up energy.


Below, we will list some of our favorite and most powerful traditional cleansing methods:

~Sunlight: Place outside or on a sunny windowsill and leave them anywhere from a few minutes to all day! Be cautious though, Quartz has the potential to become a fire risk so do not place in sunlight for too long or around flammable objects.

~Moonlight: Place outside or on a moonlit windowsill and leave them anywhere from a few minutes to all night! This is especially powerful during the time of a new moon or full moon!

~Running water: A waterfall, the ocean, a mountain spring! Let that flowing water cleanse your crystals. Hold for a few minutes or longer!

~Earth: Bury your crystals into the Earth. Leave them there for one to two weeks. You can also bury them at the time of a full moon and unbury them at the time of a new moon!

No matter what crystal cleansing method you take, your crystals will thank you! You will be able to see and feel a cleansed crystals restored energy. You will be able to effectively use crystals for energy work. Taking care of your crystals is crucial! Put a little care and work into them, and they will reciprocate the same to you!

If you want to learn more about crystals, how to work with them and the wisdom of them, be sure to listen to our podcast interview with Hailey Meadow on the GoddessCeremony Podcast!

How do you cleanse your crystals? What are your favorite methods?!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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