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Full Moon in Aries October 2020: Sovereignty and Wholeness

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Full Moon Aries

October 1st, 2020 at 5:05 PM EST

Rising with fullness in the night sky, the Full Moon in Aries welcomes in the month of October.

Bold, fiery and a force of change, this Full Moon in Aries sets the tone for a series of powerful lunar events to close out 2020. A giver of both change and healing, the Aries Full Moon reminds us of the power of both light and dark.

Change has been the only constant this year and while the unknown is uncomfortable, there is an inner resilience that brews in the most uncertain moments. Tapping us back into our sovereignty, we have a powerful moment here to let the shadows fall away so that we can stand in our authenticity and truest self.

Change is the essence of light and dark. It brings destruction and also a pause for healing. If you haven't taken time to reflect on this year and the immense pain and growth, this Full Moon would be the perfect time to do just that.

Through the change, the destruction and the chaos comes a moment of stillness.

Come home to yourself. Reclaim your sovereignty and wholeness and let yourself be in your fullness with this Full Moon. Aries is here to fan your flames as you step more fully into your power.


Here are three ways to harness this powerful Full Moon:

Reflect on the change of 2020

How have YOU evolved and grown this year? What moments were really challenging? What moments helped you gain more clarity? Journal about this with the Full Moon in Aries.

Burn it

Tonight is the perfect night to sit beneath the Full Moon with a fire and let go of anything heavy on your mind or heart.

Cleanse your space

As we move into our inner Fall and the stillness this season brings us, take time to cleanse both your physical space and inner world. Donate items you no longer need. Set better boundaries with your phone. Take a long bath or shower and let yourself clear off anything attached to you.

Other ways to celebrate:

-lay your crystals outside with the full moon

-make a full moon bath salt and enjoy a luxurious bath

-tune into the GoddessCeremony Podcast and get inspiration

-make a nourishing herbal tea to regulate your cycle

You are whole and sovereign as you are. Embody it.

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