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How to Create a Sacred Altar at Home

Creating a sacred altar can be an empowering and life changing experience. A sacred altar is a sacred space that is created with the intention to cultivate a sacred and personalized healing space.

An altar is often focused around spiritual beliefs but this is not necessary. An altar is a space of self expression and personalization. No two people will have the same altar space because we all deem different things to be significant or sacred. Your sacred altar space is your healing place to recognize who you are and your divine journey.

Generally, an altar will include things like crystals, sage, fresh flowers or empowering books but again, these are just suggestions. If you have something that invokes in you happy memories or inspires you, it may be a great addition to your sacred altar.

Your altar will become your sacred space for all sacred practices in your life. Perhaps this will become your sacred space to meditate or maybe this will become your favorite spot to journal and read affirmations. Some women will begin their days saging themselves and then pulling an oracle card while some women will close the day by anointing themselves and practicing yoga next to their altar with candles burning. There is no wrong way to create an altar nor is there a wrong way to celebrate your altar space. I do recommend sitting at your altar at least once a day as part of your morning or evening routine.

What items should I put on an altar?

Let your imagination go wild here! Have fun making your sacred altar! Your altar can include anything that you deem sacred but here's a list below to help you get started ~


-oracle cards

-fresh or dried flowers

-empowering books

-items you've collected traveling

-photos of the Goddess or what you call sacred

-rose water






-herbs or branches

-tarot cards

-anointing oils






-notebook + pen

-meditation cushion

-sage spray

-palo santo

-photos of those who have passed

-holy books or texts

-art that inspires you

-herbal medicine

-chakra bowls

-sacred instruments

-statues of deities

-salt lamp


-affirmation cards

-and beyond

The items listed above are great additions to any altar. You may also choose to add your own items that are sacred. Remember that you can hang things from the wall, add silks or cloths to your altar table or even hang things from the ceiling. This is your space of self expression so make it special!

How do I create an altar?

In general, an altar is created on a low table. A table that is around the height of a coffee table generally works well. This will allow you to sit on the floor or a meditation cushion comfortably with the table sitting near your chest.

I recommend creating a sacred space in your house that is just for you. In general it is not recommended to create altars in high traffic areas of the home - like living rooms. Rather, it would be better to create your altar in a quiet, sacred space like a bedroom or yoga room. Set a low table up in your sacred room and then begin to decorate it in the way you feel called.

I think things like dried rose petals, sacred cards and artwork are key things to have on your altar table but honor what feels right for you.

You can purchase a meditation cushion to make sitting on the floor much more comfortable too. You can purchase one here.

How often should I change my altar?

This is different for every woman! Some women prefer to change their altars up once a month with the Full or New Moon while other women will change their altars seasonally. Whenever you intuitively feel guided to shift it is the perfect time.

If you are creating an altar, comment below and let us know! We'd love to celebrate your sacred creation with you!

In gratitude,

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