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5 Ways to Celebrate The Spring Equinox

Happy Spring, beautiful Goddess! We are hopeful that you have the space and time today to celebrate and honor this sacred time of the year. The bright side to social distancing is the opportunity to indulge in new, potent information that can transform your life, and all right from home! Check out the available GoddessCeremony Online Trainings here!


The Spring Equinox is here! And just in time to bring fresh, new blooming hope to our Earth, and to our souls. The Spring Equinox marks the most balanced day of the year: 12 hours of daylight, and 12 hours of night. The Spring Equinox also marks the Pagan holiday of Ostara, which is a celebration of the blooming, warming and rebirth of the soil in which we find our grounding, our stability, and our strong roots. Spring is the first fresh breath we take after enduring the depths of Winter.

In light of the uncertainty that is amongst human kind, the Spring Equinox is providing us the space to reflect on what brings balance in to our life, and also how we can learn to continue to lean in to the process of growth. Spring is the marker of rebirth, the emergence from the ashes of death, transformed in to a new being, and ready for the cycle of transformation yet again. A seedling spends so much time in the depth and darkness of the soil. Here, it is nourished, cracks open, and then boldly bursts through the soil, beaming in its strength and choice to grow, even within the darkness.

We, as a collective, are within the darkness of the soil right now. And just like the seedling, we have to make the conscious choice to receive nourishment, crack open, and grow.

What is growing in your life right now, not only around you, but also within you?

How can you trust your process of growth more?

How are you being asked to bring more balance in to your every day?

Where do you need more patience within your life?

What do you truly need right now, and what needs to change in order for you to receive it, fully?


Five ways to lovingly celebrate the beautiful and hopeful

Spring Equinox:

Plant Seeds

The Spring provides us the perfect space to begin planting our seeds of intention, whether they are physical seeds or metaphorical seeds, or maybe both at the same time! Gather a pot, soil, and either flower seeds or herb seeds. Set aside some time to plant your seeds, and place an intention on each seed you plant. Whether it is a seed of gratitude, love, health, abundance or patience, watch as your seeds grow and transform in the weeks to come as a reminder of your own growth and transformations!

Cleanse Your Space

Spring Cleaning is truly a perfect time to cleanse the energy of the spaces in which you spend a lot of your time within. If the weather allows, open your windows, open the blinds, and allow for the new energy of the Sun and the air to illuminate your space. Use an ethically sourced smudging tool of your choice to cleanse and rejuvenate your home, your room, your altar and any other space that is sacred to you.


It is so vital for us to be connecting to Mother Earth right now. Go outside. Go for a bike ride. Go to the beach. Go for a walk during sunrise or sunset. Take deep, intentional breaths. If you can, place your bare feet on the ground and feel how the earth supports you. Feel her energy stabilize and nourish you, fully. Witness the life that is blooming in your area, and remember that there can be no darkness without light.

Build an Altar

Go outside and collect any leaves, ferns, acorns, pinecones or other treats that nature has dropped on the floor. Buy a bouquet of flowers. Build an altar with all of these lively creates as a way to honor the new life. Hold a ritual of your own to celebrate the effortless beauty and vitality these beings bring to this season, and to our Earth.

Get Creative!

Spring is the season of fertility, abundance and creation. Indulge in your favorite creative get-away, whether it is drawing, painting, dancing, singing, sewing, baking or playing an instrument! Anything that allows for you to birth creativity, joy and life! Celebrate and give gratitude to your unique and sacred ways of creating.


Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous Spring Equinox, sister!

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