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How to Determine a Blocked Chakra and What To Do to Heal it

In a previous blog, we discussed how chakras work and learned what is a blockage.

Today, we are here to discuss how to determine an unhealthy chakra and what to do from there.

Good tools to use in chakra work simply include a pendulum and your hands!  

You first want to prep the space you will be in. Click here to read about a sacred space. Once your space is ready: lay down comfortably, tune in, and scan your body with a tool, such as a pendulum. Pay attention to the energy around each chakra. 

Use the pendulum to diagnose the flow of all chakras before doing any work. This will help you determine the energy, if it’s healthy or unhealthy, and if there are any dark spots to remove. 

The pendulum will move when it finds a dark spot. 

Ask the pendulum if the chakra is clear and healthy. A healthy chakra will cause the pendulum to move in a yes direction. An unhealthy chakra will cause the pendulum to move in an irregular shape. 

For an unhealthy chakra, place your hand over the chakra and move the hand counter-clockwise, this opens the chakra up. 

You then want to use your third eye to see any dark spots. Keep practicing third eye vision, but visualize sending white light into the chakra. 

Then envision green healing light into the chakra until you feel it’s better and the blockage removed. You may even feel the urge to dig/scoop out the blockage from the chakra.

Direct any blockage down the root chakra cord. Listen and follow your intuition. Feel the blockage removed from your being and use your hand to close the chakra back up. This time, move the hand clockwise. You don’t want to leave the chakra open after you’ve cleared it out!

It's important to keep the chakras healthy. Unhealthy chakras can cause dis-ease in the body. If you don't feel comfortable doing this work on your own, reach out to a qualified energy healer to assist you! 


Want more support healing your chakras?


Much love & light, 

Sarah Del Rey 

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