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Crystal Colors and their Energy Influence

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Crystals come in a multitude of colors!

Color is an important aspect to keep in mind when choosing the right crystals for you or someone else!

When choosing a crystal, we may think about what energies we wish to gain and be influenced by.

What particular energy influences are you looking for? Think about the chakras for guidance. There are 13 main colors to consider. Each color supporting a certain chakra and energetic influence.


-Colors of Crystals and their Energy Influence-


Root chakra~Survival, instinct, awareness of danger, passion


Sacral chakra~Creativity, energy


Solar Plexus chakra~Fun, intellect, ability to direct energy


Heart chakra~Healing, emotion, success


Heart chakra~Love, romance, friendship, openness


Throat & Third Eye chakra~Calmness, intention, awareness


Crown chakra~Spirituality, imagination, creativity

Rainbow colored~

All chakras~Possibilities, opportunities, rebirth


Crown chakra~Purity, personal cleansing


All chakras, amplification, healing, intuition, connection


Helps you deal with sadness and feel safe, promotes intelligence


Root Sacral chakra~Earthiness, friendship


Root chakra~Protective, grounding, change - dealing with it and encouraging it


Each color offers a unique energy influence! Determine what healing properties you wish to get out of your crystal. Ask yourself which chakras might be blocked or need extra work. Even crystals of the same variety can offer different properties. For example, there are several different colored Tourmalines and Agates, each offering different properties based on the color. Blue Tourmalines and Agate's aid in communication, while Green helps with the heart.

Do you find yourself drawn to certain colors more than others? Maybe there’s a deeper meaning behind that! Share your crystal stories with us!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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