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How to Cleanse the Aura with a Selenite Crystal

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We love Selenite! Selenite is a healing crystal associated with the Crown chakra. It aids in mental focus, growth, and immunity and is great for soothing emotions.It’s beneficial to hold the crystal and visualize it bringing white light/energy (higher ideas/consciousness) from a transpersonal point above head down through the body, out through feet into the earth/physical plane. It is said to help physical and emotional releasing and processing.


Selenite is a great tool to use in “combing” the aura. Why would you need to comb the aura? Combing the aura “has the effect of settling any wayward energy and removing the emotions and thought no longer needed.”

You can use any Selenite crystal. We prefer a Selenite wand or tower shape to use for this particular practice.  


Here's how to work with your selenite wand ~

Position the crystal as if it were a hairbrush and picture your aura as long hair. 

“Start above the head and work down the body past the feet, holding your crystal 2-3 inches off the body.” 

If you feel any knots in your aura as you brush through it, take some time to comb through it gently until it feels completely released. “The knot might feel sticky or treacly, as a hot or cold spot, or uncomfortable, even slightly painful, as you pass your wand through the aura.”

You want to brush through the whole aura. From head to toe, all around the body. 

Combing through the aura regularly keeps the energies you are releasing out of your energy field.It’s useful in making sure nothing gets trapped in your aura while it’s trying to leave. 


This gentle practice leaves you feeling pleasant, light, and refreshed. It’s a comforting feeling and a great addition to end any healing treatment.


We love to comb through the aura after a healing meditation session. Especially after a Full moon ceremony release. 

It’s a great way to let go of any lingering energies, be done, and cleared. Having those feelings leave your spiritual and physical being is an indescribable feeling. You have to feel it for yourself! 

Do you comb your aura? Tell us about your experience! 

Much love & light, 

Sarah Del Rey 

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