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  • Sarah Del Rey

Crystal Shapes and their Energy Influence Part II

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

In a previous blog, we discussed the 4 main crystal shapes and their energy influence which included single terminated, double terminated, sphere, and pyramid shapes.

Today, we are here to discuss 8 other crystal shapes and their energy influence and effect.

Remember that each shape has a different effect in regards to the focus and intensity of energy in which it is channeling for healing.

Some of these shapes are natural crystal formations, while others are hand-carved. Regardless of how the shape came to be, there is an energy and focus behind it that can help serve a powerful purpose.

Ask yourself, how do you wish your crystal energy to influence you? After you answer that, you are closer to picking the right crystal for you or someone else!


Below are 8 other crystals shapes and their energy influence and effect to consider:

~Cluster: Families, teamwork, groups; buzzes, re-energizes, and cleanse the energy of any room

~Geode: Rooms, meditation; creates a focus within the hollow space of the rock, which amplifies as it travels out into the room

~Animals: Connection to pet, totem, or spirit animal; movement or flow of energy bring the qualities of the specific animal to the energy

~Egg: Birth, creation, new beginnings, or the start of a project; creates an energy field ovoid in shape, more powerful at the bottom and sides than at the top

~Heart: Love, relationships, emotions; brings a loving energy to the crystal’s natural effects

~Cube: Solid, reliable support; energy is equally distributed on the sides, but can be more focused in the corners; building blocks which can support any project or type of healing

~Merkaba: Visions, connection to higher realms; creates an energy field as if there were eight cells, one around each of its points; this is connected to the moment of compactions in embryonic developments, which is when the embryo has grown to 8 cells and is perhaps the time when the soul enters the body or is born

~Obelisk: Connection between the physical and spiritual world; directs energy toward the sky


Crystal shapes are more than just fun, they’re meaningful. They serve an important purpose. And it’s up to you to determine what that purpose may be. Sometimes, a certain crystal shape might choose you without your control! What crystal shapes are you being pulled towards or drawn too? That could be a good indication of what kind of energy focus you need in your life or situation. Listen and feel the energy, you will be directed to exactly what you need. What are your favorite crystal shapes? Tell us when and why you use different shapes!

Photo courtesy of Meadow's Crystals

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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