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Full Moon in Virgo March 2020 - Softening Triggers

Happy Full Moon! The bright expansive nature of the full moon encourages all of us to step into our light and release the shadow. Looking for deeper nourishment and support on your journey? Apply to work with Cassandra Wilder ND here.


On March 9th, 2020 the full moon embodies her fullest point in the sign of Virgo. Earthy, dynamic, structured and refined, this full moon carries with it the energy of change, sensitivity and a potential downfall of reaction, friction and miscommunication.

Perhaps more than many full moons, emotions are running high and you may be feeling especially sensitive. While Virgo innately desires structure and an outline, some of the planetary alignments are changing - leaving a sense of unpredictability and potential worry.

This is where we learn to dance between the unknown and the concreted plans; the emotions and the logic; the lessons and the reactions.

With Mercury still in retrograde and an increased sensitivity in the air, be meticulous with your communication. Notice the triggers and harness this full moon to speak your truth from a place of groundedness, kindness, empathy and alignment. This is not the time to send a text when you're caught up in the moment and reactive! So stay present friends and seek to understand your truth rather than react from it.

Mercury is alllmmost out of retrograde (comes direct March 10th - praise!) so we're almost out of the shifts that this planet can bring. You can thrive amongst the seemingly difficult time though by focusing on what mercury does teach us here.

Amongst much of the sensitivity, global fear is also a present threat that has pulled many of us from our grounded perspectives. Rather than letting yourself get sucked into fear, lack and scarcity, let this be a lesson in being present and recognizing the need to be rooted in yourself and your practices - perhaps more than ever.

Let your triggers be guides with this Full Moon in Virgo and seek to understand the nature behind them. Forgive yourself and others and recognize the human-ness in us all. From this place of compassion, you will find yourself arriving to a nourishing ground of peace and grace.


Here's three ways to celebrate this Virgo Full Moon:

1. Connect to your sensuality. Play with the idea of doing all things from a space of sensuality, pleasure and joy. Enjoy your favorite coffee. Soak up the sunshine with deep appreciation. Connect with yourself or your partner with passion.

2. Communicate from compassion vs reaction. There is a great opportunity here to come back to your truth and share it with others in a healthy way. Journal or meditate on any big decision or conversation before having it to ensure that it's coming from a place of alignment rather than lack.

3. Move and embody Spring. After a long hard winter for many of us, the weather is likely starting to lift and Spring feels just around the corner. Get outside, move and stretch your body and take this Virgo Full Moon as an opportunity to get your bare feet back on the earth.


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Soak up this powerful Virgo moon and find your flow! Tag us on Instagram @goddessceremony and share your moon celebration with us!

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