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  • Cassandra Wilder

How to THRIVE when Mercury goes Retrograde

I've been thinking a lot lately about Mercury in Retrograde and how many of us turn to despair when we hear that mercury has gone retrograde. Many astrologers believe that when the planet mercury goes into retrograde that things can seem more chaotic in our lives. Electronic equipment like computers and our phones may not work very well, communication may be very poor between ourselves and friends and in general, many astrologers say to not make any large life choices while mercury is in retrograde.

In general, they would advise against getting married, getting engaged, signing a contract, buying a house, making a large investment etc. because the energy is unstable. Even if you do try to do one of these things, it may quickly seem unsustainable.

For many years, I dreaded this time every couple months. I created in my mind a chaotic story of miscommunication, imbalances and fear over mercury in retrograde and I then began to watch my life follow.

Some astrologers paint a poor picture of mercury in retrograde and it wasn't until I changed my perspective on this alignment that my life seemed to flow more smoothly.

If we look at mercury in retrograde as this awful time where nothing will work and our electronics won't work and we are going to get into all sorts of arguments with our partner because communication is affected by mercury... then that is exactly what you are manifesting. You have just manifested things to not work, your electronics to fail and arguments between you and your partner.

If we step out of the "just try and survive mercury in retrograde" and instead begin to look forward to this time of introspection, everything shifts.

During this astrological alignment, things may not work as smooth as many of us would like, however rather than cursing the heavens, we can instead use this time for deep introspection.

I personally now like to view mercury in retrograde as a powerful time to look at my own triggers and the areas where I need to surrender more in my life.

Phone stops works: is that really a horrible misfortune or can I just use this time to be outside or do other things that nourish me? Surrendering to what is and not resisting is in many ways, the path to freedom.

So here are a couple more ways to THRIVE during Mercury in Retrograde:

-Take more space for yourself during the weeks of mercury in retrograde. If you find yourself being triggered or things not working, make space to relax and recenter. Go to a gentle yoga class or meditate at home. Relax, breathe and surrender.

-Bring humor to this alignment. Something you said was spun around and twisted and is now something completely different? Bring humor. Laugh about it. There is a lesson to be learned. Does it need to be serious?

-Create a gratitude journal during this alignment. Write about what things are flowing beautifully and what you can be grateful for in your life.

-Return to sound and drum, sing, howl or dance. Let your body and mind be fluid and free.

Have you learned to appreciate mercury in retrograde too? How do you thrive during this time?

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