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How to Celebrate the Full Moon

As women, we are deeply connected to the moon. Like the moon, we ebb and flow, we change and grow. Some days we fill a room with our light and passion and other days we come inside deep in introspection. For thousands of years, much of our lives revolved around the moon cycle. During certain times during the moon cycle, we would plant and harvest, we would menstruate, we would join together as groups of women and set intentions and blessings.

The Full Moon is a time of growth and change and abundance. It is a time for us to center ourselves and create that which we desire. It is a time for us as women to honor ourselves and take an evening or a day dedicated to us.

The Full Moon is a powerful time for Manifestation and creating the intentions we wish to bring into our lives. It's also a time when we are the most full with ideas, passions, dreams, discoveries and our inner Wild Woman. The Full Moon is a time to celebrate all of our blessings and step proudly into that which we seek.

Here are my favorite ways to hold a personal ceremony and manifest~

  • Create an altar or sacred space

  • Find a quiet area of your home or outside in Nature and create an altar of all things that resonate with you. Crystals, pictures, plants, flowers, candles and salt lamps are all beautiful ways to create your altar. I love creating mandalas with my crystals. You can also burn sage, palo santo or incense to cleanse yourself and your surrounding. I also love to use essential oils like Frankincense and Lavender to center myself.

  • Meditate

  • Take a moment to sit in silence and think about what you wish to birth into this world. Do you wish to create a new business? Manifest your ideal partner? Bring another being into this world? Set the intention for extra money to come your way? Decide what it is you want to create during this moon cycle and sit with it. You can purchase a Full Moon meditation here to enjoy at home.

  • Write it down

  • Have a journal nearby and write down that which you desire. Make sure you write it in present tense statements, as though you already have it. So instead of “I want to find a partner.” You would write “I have a loving, supportive partner…”. The laws of manifestation require you to write in the present tense. I like to pick my top 3 things I am creating, but you could do more.

  • Repeat it to the Universe

  • After you have written down what you desire, say it outloud a few times. Let the Universe know what you want. Do not be afraid to ask for what you desire.

  • Magnify with Quartz

  • This step is optional, but I believe to be very important. If you have a few small quartz crystals, lay them on top of your journal or paper. This will help magnify the power of your words. You could also use another crystal of your choice.

  • Honor Yourself

  • Whatever this means to you! Take a hot bath with flower pedals and essential oils, treat yourself to a massage, dance to uplifting music, dive into a pool or lake. Whatever you love to do, do it!

  • Charge your Crystals

  • If you use crystals, lay them out under the Full Moon to recharge them. Make sure the full moon light is touching them. I like to lay mine on the dirt to receive the healing energies of the Earth and of the Moon.

Other ideas you could use to celebrate the full moon-

  • Gather a group of women and talk about what you are manifesting together

  • Create a fire ceremony outside and burn your intentions in the fire to send them up to the Universe

  • Create an ecstatic dance circle and dance upon the Earth

  • Create a flower essence under the light of the Full Moon

There is no wrong way to celebrate the Full Moon! Do what feels comfortable and create that which you deserve. Gather some other conscious women and let the fun begin.

Leave a comment with your favorite way to celebrate the Moon.

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