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How to Celebrate a Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses shake up the energy.

They are not stagnant.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth and into the earth's shadow. This can only happen when the earth, sun and moon are aligned and the earth aligns perfectly in between the sun and moon.

Among astrology and lunar readings, it is not uncommon to read that the eclipse energy is very "intense" and can bring up some strong emotions, however I do not agree with these readings.

Just like Mercury in Retrograde, Eclipses can arise in us things that need to be looked at and parts of the subconscious. These are powerful times, not times to be feared.

Lunar Eclipses remind us of the connection we have to all things. An action by someone can reflect and later affect someone on the other side of the world. All things affect all other things.

As the moon falls into the shadow, as do we witness our shadow selves. You may feel more on edge or more irritable around a lunar eclipse - all of the energy in our solar system is moving into the shadow.

Because of this, a lunar eclipse is a very ideal time to do things for yourself that replenish you and help you continue to grow and bloom. Energy work, having an emotional release, going to a sacred gathering or doing your own spiritual work is ideal during a lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse can bring up the shadows and give you the opportunity to heal those shadows and move forward into the light.

As the moon reflects the part of ourselves that is often neglected or hidden, it also brings light to our magnificence and the sacred gifts we each hold.

To celebrate an eclipse, here are some of our favorite ways to hold space for transformation:

-during the week before an eclipse, try to make a point to go and have a healing therapy done on you. Reiki, energy work, chakra balancing, craniosacral, meridian tracings or sound healing are potent ways to nourish the body, mind and spirit

-Place a glass jar of water outside underneath the moon the night of the eclipse. If you'd like, you can place a clean piece of quarts in the water and leave uncovered overnight. This water can be gathered the next morning and used in ceremony or mixed with an essential oil like rose and put into a glass spray bottle. This is a powerful tool to use when embarking on the shadow self journey or when you need to unlock the next layer of spiritual guidance

-Hold a fire ceremony outdoors and take the time to write out any letters to yourself or others that you feel need to be burned. Write out the shadow parts of yourself that you are done holding onto. Then, bless the letters and toss them into the fire

-Dance! Bringing movement to the body is one of the best ways to let go of stagnant energy and raise sacred vibrations. Turn on some empowering music and let your body move

-If you practice yoga, try a Restorative Yoga class and let your body melt into a state of peace and trust

-Make space to celebrate the journey you are on. This can be done with a fire or indoors, perhaps with some crystals laid out that resonate with you. Write or reflect on the incredible journey you have been on. Take space to recognize the hard work you have done and the great strides you have made to be in this moment. It is easy to focus on what we need to fix, but many of us forget to think about all of the amazing work we have already accomplished.

Crystals like quarts and moonstone are lovely to use during an eclipse time. I also find that I gravitate towards essential oils like rose and geranium and flower essences like evening primrose and rock rose.

Take space during this magical time.

All is well in the Universe.

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