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Full Moon in Leo February 2020 - The Wild Party

Happy Full Moon, sister! We're honored to have Astrologer Katya Weiss-Andersson here on the GoddessCeremony Team sharing her astrology insights for this Full Moon in Leo!

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Aquarius is the fire sign of the air signs- rebellious, provocative and independent. So every year when the middle of Aquarius season is marked by a full moon in fire sign Leo, we get the opportunity to emerge from our seasonal-depression-prone, hibernate-til-Spring February blues. There is a true energy of fabulosity here, and it’s time to party.

This week’s full moon in Leo will take place at 2:33am EST on Sunday, February 9th. This is an interesting vibe in and of itself: the moon is in Leo, opposite the sun in Aquarius, but Leo is ruled by the sun and Sunday, as its name indicates, is the day of the week also ruled by the sun. So rather than the typical sun-moon opposition we see during full moon times, there’s a greater synergy supporting the fiery nature of this lunar transit.

While this is happening, the sun and moon will be forming a sextile and trine with Mars in Sagittarius, respectively. These aspects add even more energy and boldness to this full moon, making this a really good time to be innovative, enterprising and adventurous with your choices. That being said, don’t be too impulsive- make sure that the choices you make are still aligned with what your intuition feels as right.

The sign of Leo gets a bad reputation for its orientation around the ego and the self, but this isn’t inherently a bad thing. In order to lean into our most brave and fabulous selves during this full moon, we need to first check in with how our sense of self is doing. Are you feeling grounded and stable in who you are, with a healthy solar plexus chakra? Or are you stuck in mental narratives of “I’m not enough”/“I’m too much” and constantly seeking external validation?

Venus is in Aries this week, so even the relationship realm of our lives may get extra fiery. Just be mindful of how this plays out- Aries can be bright and energetic, but impatient.  Think more along the lines of gathering, dancing, (healthily) partying or having great sex as opposed to fiery confrontations with your cousin or co-worker. With all of these prominent fire transits, beware of drama; Mercury in Pisces will help to soften our communications and make them more loving and sensitive. 

When Leo energy is in balance, it is regal, generous, passionate and glowing - this full moon is a time to be your boldest, most regal self. At your fingertips is so much fire and air energy to power your innovation, your relationships and even your self-worth; step into it and make as much use of it as you can.


Three ways to celebrate this big Leo energy:

1. Revamp your branding. Consider your website, elevator speech, and even your social media presence if it feels right. Make sure you’re not downplaying whatever you have to offer the world. At the same time, make sure what you’re doing and representing is of service to humanity rather than a bottom line or an ungrounded ego.

2. Gather with people who make you feel energized. Go dancing, play sports, do something creative together, share food and drink- whatever feels enlivening to you.

3. Lean into the generosity of Leo energy and the humanitarianism of Aquarius energy. If you are in a position to give of your resources (time, money, etc.) to a cause that does real, necessary good in the world, please take this opportunity.*

*Be mindful about the cause(s) you choose, some charities can be harmful, while some organizations do incredible work in the world.


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Stay in that bold, powerful energy and shine that magnetic light! Tag us on Instagram @goddessceremony and share your moon celebration with us!

About the GoddessCeremony Astrologer~

Katya Weiss-Andersson offers resources for holistic wellness through multiple modalities. As a plant-based chef, she caters retreats and events across the United States. As a RYT-200 yoga teacher and kirtan artist, she teaches yoga asana and Bhakti music. She works with astrology, plants, movement, sound and intersectional queer theory as tools for healing on the individual and community level. Her writing on food and wellness has been published on GoddessCeremony, Greatist and others. She is the proud mom of one plant and one queer kickball league in Durham, NC.

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