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6 Ways to Start Your Day With Intention and Mindfulness

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Every morning we have the opportunity to set the tone for our day and experiences. While it’s easy to fall into patterns that do not serve us, finding a way to start each day with mindfulness and intention is one of the most life changing practices I can think of.

It’s important to note that we don’t need to meditate for an hour or chant for 20 minutes to have a sacred morning experience. It could even be said that the small things we do throughout our mornings are more impactful than the larger, more time consuming ones.

If you’re looking to create more mindfulness, healing and intention in your morning routine, this blog post is for you!


-6 Ways to Start Your Day With Intention and Mindfulness-

1) Leave your phone off for the first 30 minutes of the day

I highly recommend turning your phone completely off or putting it on airplane mode while you sleep. Not only is this healthier in terms of EMF exposure, it also allows you to start your day with intention. By avoiding your phone, texts and social media notifications for 30 minutes, you will have the space to fully wake up, ground down and start your day with positivity.

2) Create a healing food routine

Whether it’s an organic pot of coffee, delicious herbal tea or a nourishing breakfast, find a food routine that works for you. Ideally, this routine will include foods that truly nourish you. A big green smoothie, homemade acai bowl, veggie hash or avocado toast can become far more than just a meal when intention and mindfulness goes into the preparation and enjoyment of it.

3) Start the day with gratitude

Before you get out of bed in the morning, say 3 things aloud that you are grateful for. This could be for the simple pleasure of being alive, a loved one, a warm bed, sunshine streaming in from the window - anything. Beginning the day with thoughts of gratitude set us up for a day of appreciation and love.

4) Take space to simply observe

If possible, create space in your morning routine to be still. Perhaps that means sitting on the porch with your coffee or closing your eyes for a few moments on the couch - the how doesn’t matter as much. Simply create space to observe your breath, ground and prepare for the coming day.

5) Make the mundane more enjoyable

Take little things we all do everyday like brushing your teeth or getting dressed and find a way to make them more enjoyable. Turn on some empowering music you love, wear your favorite outfit, try something fun and new with your makeup or start your day with a breast massage. These little shifts will help you begin your day with a sense of fun and lightness.

6) Add movement to your morning

Begin to flow with yoga or dance each morning. Even if it’s just 30 seconds of movement, awakening your body to fluid movement and expression is sure to set the tone for a powerful day.


What are your favorite morning rituals? Comment below and let us know!

In gratitude,

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