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Why Your Menstrual Cycle is the Key to Stop Burning Out in your Business

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Understanding your cyclical health is a must for the health of your business! By tracking your cycle, you'll also begin to understand your productivity patterns as an entrepreneur and be able to shift your business to work WITH your body, rather than against it. Download your FREE Cyclical Business Guidebook here to get started!


Raise your hand if you've ever hit that dreaded point of overwhelm as an entrepreneur?!

Let's be honest: it's not a good place to be.

Exhaustion, overwhelm, a lack of creativity and apathy become the norm when we hit this point of burn out and it can last for weeks, if not months.

So how can we stop burning out as female entrepreneurs? What needs to change for us to begin to thrive in a business setting doing what we love?

My work over the last few years has been teaching entrepreneur women this exact tool as I know far too well what it feels like to push yourself in your business only to end of exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted. Building two full-time businesses wasn't just taxing on my body, but also my emotional health. So how did I stop this pattern and why am I so passionate about teaching women how to do the same thing?

The answer you seek lies in your body and more specifically, your cycle.

Women operate on different cycles than men. While men operate in a 24 hour cycle of productivity, a woman operates on a 29.5 DAY cycle. This means, the average job or work environment feeds on the masculine's productivity cycles and is completely different to the way the feminine moves through work cycles.

This is why the 9-5 setting and go-go-go mentality of an entrepreneur burn out most women ultimately - because it does not take into account our own unique productivity patterns.

Just like your cycle, women go through 4 distinct phases throughout the month. During some parts of the month, we're incredibly extroverted, gregarious, productive and creative. However at other times of the month, we may feel more introspective, introverted, tired and in need of rest.

When we learn how to HONOR these cyclical changes (vs. fight them), we begin to work in alignment with our bodies and maximize productivity.

Here's a basic outline of a woman's cyclical shifts in her body AND business:


During this phase of our cycle, we are inherently tired, introspective and in need of rest. This is the most important time in our business to reflect on projects, reset and rest.


This phase of our cycle post menstruation brings a surge of creativity, energy and building. In our business, this is the ultimate time to set goals, monthly intentions and action plans.


This is our most extroverted, sociable and productive time of the month. In our business, this is our time to shine with big projects, long work days, interviews and collaborations.


Post ovulation, our energy levels begin to dip as our bodies prepare to menstruate. In our business, this is our time of completion and closing up tasks and projects.

Do you see how this simple outline allows a sense of change, fluctuation, rest and productivity all at once? This outline HONORS the cyclical nature of the feminine. How beautiful is that?!

Because I know every woman needs this information, I've made a FREE guidebook just for you to teach you how to structure your business around your cycle and begin to thrive again as an entrepreneur!

If this resonated a lot, comment below and let me know!

Cassandra Wilder ND

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