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Healing Herbs for your Menstrual Cycle: 4 Must-Have Herbs

Herbs are incredible healing tools for women and we're excited to share these 4 great herbal tips with you. Download your FREE herbal recipe booklet here with our top herbal teas to balance your cycle!


Herbs are incredible healing tools for women's cyclical health and they can be simply added into any routine. The perfect warm drink to close a day or an easy thing to grab on the go to support your cycle, herbs offer a deep level of nourishment and support for the body.

These 4 herbs are some of our favorites and they are all easy to use, accessible and inexpensive. Most can be purchased at local health food stores, herb shops or online.

4 Must Have Herbs for Women

Ginger: stimulates menstruation or late periods, soothes period cramps, one study showed it more effective than ibuprofen, nausea, has been shown to lessen the amount of bleeding during your period

Recommended as: a tea or hot infusion

Red raspberry leaf: tones the uterus, astringent herb, helps pull up tissue, great after birth, nourishes a weak pelvic floor, eases morning sickness, increases fertility, assists in your milk coming in during pregnancy

Recommended as: a tea

Nettle: is said to have more chlorophyll than any other herb, bursting with minerals, rebuilds the kidneys, nourishes the body with iron and almost all vitamins and minerals, full of calcium which helps balance magnesium, eases cramps 

Recommended as: a tea

Motherwort: calms and relaxes the body, great for PMS, offers fast relief for most women for cramps, tones and relieves pain, “lion hearted” amazing tonic for the heart, excellent for menopause

Recommended as: a tincture

Which herb is calling to you? Comment below!

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