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Super Full Moon in Libra: Connecting to The Collective

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Wishing to dive more deeply in to the Divinity of not only the Moon, but of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and everything in between? Make sure to tune in to the GoddessCeremony Podcast!


The biggest, brightest, boldest Moon of 2020. And happening amongst the midst of chaos, uncertainty and fear? Seems Divinely guided and orchestrated to us!

This Super Full Moon in Libra will occur on April 7, 2020 at 10:35 PM EST.

Through the destruction and harm we have inflicted upon the Earth, she is truly showing us how vital every single aspect of her is to our comfort, our sanity and our peace. The Moon, representing our connection to Divinity and the Cosmos, is shining brightest during the depths of this pause, which is truly illustrative of what divine messages are being sent to humankind during this pause. We have inflicted harm upon Earth, and have done so mindlessly. And now, we are heavily depending on her presence in order to find stability amongst uncontrollable and chaotic times. And what is so very potent and special about this time: we are all experiencing it.

This is not happening to one group of people based on their race, their gender, their sexual orientation, their socio-economic status, their ethnicity, their ability or their nationality. We are, on a global level, experiencing mass chaos and uncertainty. And though each one of our experiences are tailored to the reality that we were existing in prior to the outbreak of this virus, we are all on pause. We are all locked in. Yet, we are not alone. Which is very, very powerful.

The mantra(s) for this Super Full Moon in Libra are:

I am not alone. I am held. I am an intricate part of the bigger picture surrounding me. When I balance myself, I bring balance to the Collective.

This Full Moon will remind us of how connected we are to one another, and how we can begin to fully and beautifully support one another. We have had the time and space to connect with ourselves, and hone in on our own personal self care practices…and now it is time to connect, share and spread love to others.

The Moon is a “Super Moon” when it is especially close to Earth. The Full moon and New Moon are already potent energetic times to feel the Moon’s energy and light; with this moon being a Super Full Moon, be prepared to really feel this moon.

Libra is the Air sign of balance, equity, equilibrium, appearance, truth, peace and grace.

As an Air sign, Libra asks us to communicate our truth out of a space of peace, balance, and with a refined and sophisticated presence and delivery. We have had time to deliberate, to travel inward and to be with ourselves in a way that we have never had before…but it is now time to express and balance out the inward deliberation with external communication.

I was recently told that the developed and refined energy of Libra encompasses the same energy of the goddess Athena. The goddess of war and wisdom, Athena illustrates just and liberated truth for the greater good…not just the needs of the individual, but the needs of the community, and the world. When thinking of Athena’s energy, a statuesque and strongly grounded presence comes to mind… one that you can call on during this Super Full Moon.


Here are three ways to channel and celebrate

this Super Full Moon energy:

Get Outside, and Bask in Her Light

Being near a body of water is an incredibly potent way to connect with and harness the energy and light of the Full Moon, for the Moon and water have a deep and vast relationship with one another. Whether you can take a walk in the woods, sit outside, or have a bonfire, get under the Full Moon light at night, and feel the hope and growth she is promising us.

Say, Sing or Scream.

Libra is a communicative and expressive Air sign that asks us to voice our truth to provide peace and balance to our souls. Whether you need to say mantras aloud, sing your favorite song, or release anger/grief/resentment with screaming or roaring, use your voice on this sacred day, and open your throat chakra to healing and rejuvenating energy. Speak your truth, Goddess. And know we are all ready to hear and receive it.

Safely Connect with Others

We are all beginning to feel a little stir crazy, and feeling restless. If you are an extrovert, I am sure you are craving connecting with people you love, trust and cherish. Schedule a FaceTime hangout or phone call with someone you have not been able to see in a while. Hold space with them, and maybe create a ritual together. Pull cards, light candles, share your truth and connect with others in a safe and energizing way.

Know that you are being asked to connect with others, now. Share your healing modalities. Write a story for your community to read. Help others in a way you would not have been able to before. Embrace these new ways of connection that are pulling all of our energies closer together.

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