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3 Ways to Clear Emotions and Pain From the Womb

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

It is a remarkable step to pursue the healing of the womb. Lead and support other women by learning how to become a sacred women’s circle guide and empower women to claim back their womb and become self-empowered. But if you need more support, you can book a FREE 20 minute call with Cassandra Wilder ND to heal your cycle, revitalize your womb and tap into your power. Book it here.



Our unique intuitiveness and power as women lies within a sacred part of our body - our Womb. This sacred part of us is responsible for the gut feels that we get whenever we are posed with a dangerous circumstances and also guides us when we experience something amazing. This glorious organ is integral to every thing that we do and are capable of as women, and being able to connect with her is vital.

Connecting to the womb is not really a common thing in our modern culture. We rarely hear of this connection and I understand it. I too for many years lived disconnected from this space.

In Part 1, we discussed the importance of physically cleansing the womb and how this is important to us women. As much as physical cleansing, one much-overlooked part of healing the womb is emotional cleansing. Connecting with our womb through our emotional energy is as important as physically connecting. The womb goes through an ample amount of stress and trauma from “shoulds”, birth, menstrual cramps and the likes. If the womb is dormant or traumatized, this causes unwanted conditions such as cysts, amenorrhea, severe menstrual cramps and infertility. Now, here are a few effective ways to cleanse your womb emotionally. 

- How to Emotionally Cleanse Your Womb -

--Nourish and Be Aware of Your Womb 

In our ceremonies and retreats, we make time and space for our women to communicate with their womb by guiding them through mediation and engaging in dialogue with their womb. Find it weird? It actually is not. Our womb, when healthy, relentlessly guides us through our daily living, signaling us  when we need to listen and shift our path forward. However, some may find it frustrating when their womb doesn’t answer back.

Metaphorically, think of it as one of your friends who has been reaching out to you and eventually gives up because you never answered a single call. And after a few years of no communication, you call that friend. It's safe to say that that friend will probably not answer your call! Nourish and talk to your womb, like you would to your friends. Take some time to do what you feel and think is best for her. For instance, during your heavy days in your menstrual cycle, do not stress her out by going for a run after a bad day at work. Take it easy and love her. Give her some quiet time and space to breathe. Get enough rest and nourish her, she has a lot on her plate! Get a womb meditation on this link.

--Process Your Emotions

Women have the tendency to pile down negative emotions when we experience something traumatic. If we do not process these traumas, negative energy gets stored in our womb. Think of it as sweeping some dust and just simply putting it under the mat. Leaving it there for a few years would definitely congest the energy. Just like that, we as humans experience different kinds of trauma in our lives. It may root from our childhood, wrong relationships and partners, career or missed life opportunities. Finding a safe space to process all these emotions is one key step into resolution and closure. In my experience, an energy healing session is a great avenue to do this, but choosing the right practitioner and support system is important.

Another way to process is to create a personal fire ceremony, where you express all your negative thoughts and pain through writing, or you can even address these letters to all those people who left you disheartened and disappointed. Afterwards, BURN IT. Break off from all the pain. These people no longer hold power over your emotions or life. This has got to be one of my favorite exercises for women who went through traumatic events in their lives. There are more processing methods that work as well, as long as you feel it is safe and right for you. Even crying it out through the night in bed can be as helpful in releasing those piled up emotions. And, if you feel that you need it, you can never go wrong about asking for a 1-on-1 support.

--Shake It Off

Numerous research shows that physical shaking is a natural adaptive response of animals after experiencing something traumatic. Even children, after a traumatizing event, look for a corner or a safe place to sit and shake. This trembling actually help our body to move forward without suppressing these emotions. Somehow, when we grow older and become adults, we welcome these emotions to stay and be stored within, and then we hold onto it for a lifetime.

For me, one of the best ways to exercise shaking is lying on your back with the soles of feet pressed against each other in a butterfly position and with your knees spread out to each side. Pause in this position and feel your breathing. After a while, slowly raise both of your knees about 2 inches, with your soles still pressed together. You can observe that your legs may start to tremble a little. After a minute again, slowly raise your knees an inch or two. Continue doing this in a slow manner and you will find your legs, and probably your hips as well, will start shaking. Then, release. You may repeat this motion as much as it makes you feel good. When you feel that you are ready to end the pose, simply plant both of your feet back onto the ground to stop the shaking. This is a great addition to any yoga practice or breathing therapy.

Healing is always possible with the right tools and right guidance. This can even bring you a more empowered spirit than you ever thought you could have. Start your healing process with our online program and you can track your process, heal painful cramps, reclaim your power. Or get a 1:1 guidance with Cassandra Wilder ND here to improve your health.

With gratitude,

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