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The Connection Between the Cervix and Throat and What You Need to Know About Your Cervical Health

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Your cervix is powerful and incredibly important for your overall health. Your cervix is deeply related to pleasure but also to your voice and your sense of empowerment. Have you been struggling to heal your cervix? Have you been diagnosed with HPV or cervical dysplasia? Apply to work with Cassandra Wilder ND here to start your healing journey.


Anytime I work with private clients or lead retreats, the topic of the cervix always arises. While many people are not familiar with the cervix, what it does or where it's located, the cervix is incredibly powerful and related to many deep levels of the feminine.

While many of us hear about the power of the womb and the reproductive system in general, there's generally far less conversation and dialogue about the power of the cervix.

I have known a lot of women who were not aware of the exact location of the cervix and what exactly it does in the body. This alone shows the significant disconnect between us and our cervix. A lot of us have not really received adequate amount of information about our bodies and how each part works, and it comes as no surprise that most of us learn to be disconnected from our bodies because of this.  

Whether you are already aware and familiar with the cervix, or this is new to you, I hope this blog post will empower you to connect with your cervix!

So really, what is the cervix? The cervix serves as the entrance or portal to the womb. It is considered the gateway towards the womb and this sacred area is a source of so much wisdom for us as women. 

The cervix separates the vaginal canal from the womb and truly stands as a doorway of creation, rebirth, life and death.

The cervix exponentially grows in size during labor to allow for the birthing process and within a few hours, the cervix will then return to its normal size. There is no organ as flexible and as capable of all the expansion and stretching like the cervix can (aside from the womb of course, in a different way).

Beyond its physical traits, there is a deep-rooted connection between our cervix and our emotions and how we express ourselves. If you look closely, the physical anatomy of the cervix and the throat has striking similarities. It is common to see mirrors throughout the body that connect these organs, and your throat and cervix is deeply connected. Though there are many mirrors that are present around our body, this one is my favorite.

The photo below shows how the cervix and the throat look almost identical to each other.

For a long time, this connection was purely speculated and seemingly only an emotional connection, but now through emerging research about the Vagus Nerve, we now know that the throat and cervix are DEEPLY connected, on a physical level.

The connection of both organs makes sense if you imagine a woman going through the process of giving birth. As she opens her mouth, moans and makes deep primal noises, her cervix grows and opens. That is why we women have this natural instinct to moan, open our mouths and make noise. And as we do this, our cervix simultaneously opens too.  

These primal noises also come naturally to women when making love. As we do this, it opens our cervix allowing sperm to travel easier through the cervix and to a potential egg. 

Isn’t it amazing how powerfully interconnected the throat and the cervix are? 

Fulfillment is the emotion that is associated with the cervix. If you are feeling disconnected from your cervix, it may be powerful ask yourself: "How fulfilled am I in my life - spiritually, emotionally, physically, sexually and beyond?"

By connecting to our cervix, we establish a connection to our space of creativity, expression and fulfillment. Living a life connected to our sacred space is living an embodied life in an authentic way.

Join Dr. Cassandra through the layers of supporting the cervix, getting clear Pap smears and addressing HPV in our Balanced Cervix Masterclass!

 Listen to our podcast here and learn more about the wisdom of the cervix and how to heal this sacred space. And apply to work with Cassandra Wilder ND here to get help on your cervical journey.

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