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Connecting to the Wild Woman Through Yoga

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

While yoga was traditionally practiced exclusively by men for many years, yoga has morphed into a powerful practice that can be enjoyed by all. Many women especially are finding deep healing and empowerment through the practice of yoga.

In our Sacred Goddess Retreats, we implement yoga throughout the retreat because we have witnessed massive healing and liberation from the practice of yoga. If you are on the path of connecting to your wild woman and the sacred essence that lives within you, yoga may be a powerful tool on your journey.

- 3 tips to connect to the Wild Woman within through Yoga -

1. Allow your yoga practice to be slow, sensual and empowering. Rather than focusing on quick movements, slow it down and move with intention. Connecting to the sensual, wild part of ourselves is deeply healing. Note that sensual is not the same as sexual! Sensuality allows you to be connected to your senses, your body and how you feel in each given moment. Turn on some emotion-evoking music and let yourself flow. You can even turn it into a bit of a dance / yoga fusion.

2. Allow for free movement in your yoga practice. While most yoga classes are very structured and involve instruction through the entirety of the yoga class, free movement opportunities are deeply empowering, especially to women. If you are a teacher, consider giving opportunities to your students to be intuitive and honor what they need. This is a great option to give at the beginning of class while in a pose like Tabletop when students could move through cat cow, roll through their neck, sink into child’s pose or take some core work. If you are a student, remember that honoring your body is more important than honoring what a teacher says. If you find yourself craving a different movement in a yoga class, take it! If the teacher is upset about it, find a new teacher! Let your body be your guide as you flow through a yoga class.

3. Flow through your yoga class with a clear intention. Before beginning your yoga practice or meditation, take a moment to set a clear intention for the work you are doing. Perhaps your intention is to remain grounded and calm throughout the entire flow or to find your breath and be at peace. Whatever it may be, set the intention and allow that to follow you through your practice. If you are looking to embody the wild woman, set an empowering intention for your practice.

Yoga is such a life changing tool. If you are awakening the wild woman within, weave these yoga tips into your practice and watch what blossoms from the experience!

If you don’t have access to local teachers or if you are looking for a different type of yoga, you can purchase our Wild Goddess Yoga 6 class package here. Wild Goddess Yoga was specifically curated to connect women to the wild woman within and allow space for intuitive movement. Purchase the package here now.

Remember that what you seek is seeking you.

In gratitude,

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