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A Transformative Morning Routine to Ground and Calm You

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Morning routines are essential! By starting your day with mindfulness, you will set your entire day up for a calm, connected experience. Morning teas are a great addition to any morning routine. Grab your FREE nourishing herbal tea recipes here!


A morning routine is simply how you start your day. Some routines are quick and effective and others are longer and more extravagant. The key with a morning routine is to customize it to what works for YOU!

This morning routine is Cassandra Wilder's personal routine that she does every morning to start her day clear and grounded. You may find that these routine ideas resonate with you too!

A Grounding and Calming Morning Routine

Step 1: Wake up slowly

Take a few moments to wake up and make your way out of bed

Step 2: Drink 20+ ounces of water

Before grabbing for coffee or any other drinks, start your day with plenty of water

Step 3: Find a cozy spot to sit and connect to your breath

Sit on the floor, take a few deep breaths and then begin to ground into your body

Step 4: Start stretching or practicing a short yoga flow

Make small movements that feel good to you in the morning. Spinal twists, cat cow, child's pose and low lunges are all excellent!

Step 5: Find stillness and meditate

Finish up your yoga practice in a seated position, close your eyes and come back to your breath. Visualize what you desire and then think of 3 things you're deeply grateful for.

Step 6: Make yourself a nourishing drink

An herbal tea, a matcha, chai tea or organic coffee can be great choices. Make your drink intentionally and slowly enjoy it!

Step 7: Then, begin your day and turn on your phone

After this amazing grounding routine, you'll be ready to officially start your day! How do you feel?

If you decide to implement this grounding morning routine, comment below and let us know!

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