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Sacred Feminine & Yoga

Wild Goddess Yoga is a divine fusion of the ancient practice of Yoga and the powerful path of The Sacred Feminine. This women-only practice empowers women on their sacred journey to trust and honor themselves in a safe and nourishing space. 

Our Wild Goddess Yoga classes are created with intention and love. As we flow and practice, women are encouraged to tune into their own bodies and move in a way that inspires and ignites them. This is not your typical "do as I say" type of yoga and instead women are encouraged to honor themselves and what they need above all else. 

Wild Goddess Yoga blends the traditional practice of yoga with a teacher guiding the students with the wisdom of the Divine Feminine where free movement and self expression are encouraged. Within this practice, there is a balance of both yin and yang, stillness and flow, power and surrender. 


Wild Goddess Yoga is included in most Goddess Retreats and is offered occasionally as a Workshop. See our retreat page for more information.

Interested in practicing at home?

Purchase our 6 class package for only $97! 

Practice with these videos as many times as you'd like and connect to this wisdom from home. This package includes six 50 minute classes, breath work, beautiful playlists, singing bowls, mantras, journaling prompts and more! Purchase below to gain access!


Wild Goddess Yoga Six Class Package


We just announced our 200 hour Goddess Yoga Teacher Training in 2020!! You can view more details about the training and what it will entail here

"Unlike common practice yoga where I am constantly wondering how my body is positioned and what is tight, Wild Goddess yoga helps me feel in tune with my body. . . Simply allowing me to give in to the sensations, trusting my connection with my body. I would recommend this to any woman who is looking to build a relationship with her body, opening communication to her bodily needs."

-H. Dexter