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Breathe In and Breathe Out: How to Breathe Properly to Release Stress

Your breath holds the potential to heal the body and restore peace. Simply through your breath, you can reduce stress, improve concentration and ground down. This is why we created our Wild Goddess Yoga online class series. Get access to 6 hour long yoga videos that focus on the Divine Feminine, breath and cultivating your intuition! Buy it here now!


Breathing is an essential function of living. Most of the time, we aren't consciously breathing, it just happens. But learning how to properly breathe with intention is key to connecting with the body and self. 

Conscious breathing pulls you into the present moment. When you are in the present moment, you can connect with the body and the higher self. You can establish a rhythm and become one. 

Proper breathing will have a meditative quality that will leave you feeling whole, content, and peaceful. This balance is found in the in-breath and the out-breathe.

Especially in moments of stress, maintaining long, deep breaths is essential to avoid experiencing the sympathetic nervous system. This is also known as the fight or flight response and may be characterized by shortness of breath, fatigue, overwhelm, irregular digestion, anxiety and depression.

Below we list major points to focus on to properly breathe:  

The In-Breath:

Visualize and feel the breath going into the belly. 

Feel it as it fills your belly and other parts of your body. 

Through the in-breath, feel the body inside. 

Notice where you are soft, hard, tense, tight, aching, or numb. 

Count to seven while taking in this massive cleansing breath. 

Hold in the breath and slowly release to the count of seven. 

The Out-Breathe: 

Visualize and feel the breath releasing from the top of the head down to the belly.

The out-breath is the release and surrender. 

This breath allows the self to let go and any stagnant energy is pushed out. 

Become aware of how the body feels after the exhale. 

Repeat the in-breath and out-breath process until you feel consciously connected.

Proper breathing is especially important in times of mindful meditation. It can also connect you to the earth in times of grounding meditation. 

If you feel overwhelmed, taking a few minutes to properly breath will ease the body and mind which allows for clear-headed thinking to take place instead. 

Making intentional breathing apart of your nightly and morning routines will enhance your wellbeing. Taking a few minutes during the day to practice will also make a big difference if your life! Or, weave in a yoga class each day to give you an intentional space to move your body, connect your breath and find stillness. You can buy our Wild Goddess Yoga package here!

How has breathwork changed or enhanced your life?

Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

Much love & light, 

Sarah Del Rey 

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