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How to Honor the Sacred Yoni

What is the Yoni? Isn't it interesting that so many of us grew up learning all sorts of vague and confusing terms for our most sacred space? We've heard it all: vajayjay, pee pee, little muffin, no touch zone... the list goes on. When we cannot even say the word vagina or yoni, how in the world can we expect to be connected to her? Did you know that the word vagina in latin literally translates to sword sheath? Even the "medically correct" term is shame producing! The thing is... your vagina is not just a sword sheath or place of pleasure for others. Your vagina is not a dirty thing or something that should not be spoken of. Your vagina is your most sacred space. And that is why so many of us are reclaiming the word Yoni. The word Yoni is Sanskrit for "sacred space" and we find that this is only word that really sums up what this space really is.

When we are connected to our most sacred space, we are connected to the deepest part of ourselves. We have self love and we respect ourselves. We see this space as our most sacred space and we welcome only those who are worthy into this sacred temple.

To live connected to the yoni is to be connected to the Divine Feminine.

If you are looking for specific ways to honor this sacred space, look no further! We've shared 3 ways to honor this sacred space below.

How to Honor your Sacred Yoni ~

1. Let go of the belief that the yoni is dirty or shameful. So many of us grew up believing our yonis were dirty, looked strange or needed to be a certain way to be considered beautiful. No matter the shape of your yoni, no matter if you have pubic hair or not, your yoni is beautiful.

Some women find it empowering to look at their yoni in a mirror (since many women have never even looked at their yoni before) so that you can get to know her. You can also do other supportive practices like vaginal steaming or jade egg healing if you desire to support your yoni in other ways.

2. Be mindful of who you welcome into this sacred space. Often when we live connected to the yoni, we find we are more selective about who is worthy to enter our sacred space. Before welcoming a partner into this space, ask yourself these questions: "Has this person gotten to know my heart? My spirit? My essence? Does this person truly value me and respect me?"

If the answer is yes, they may be allowed to connect to you in this powerful way. If not, you may find it better to wait. Remember that your yoni is your most sacred space and so it is okay to be selective about who is allowed to enter.

3. Be mindful about what you insert into the yoni. The yoni is considered a mucus membrane and so everything that is inserted into this space is readily absorbed by the body. If you are using commercial pads and tampons, you may find it far more empowering to switch to a menstrual cup. If you and your partner are using regular condoms or store bought lubrications, you may find you desire to switch to natural options instead that do not contain spermicides and other toxic ingredients. If you really thought of your yoni as your most sacred space, what would you change? How would you treat her?

Your yoni is sacred, sister. Honor her. Celebrate her. Love her.

If you want to learn more about the yoni and why connecting to this space is life changing, you can watch a whole video about her in our Sacred Teachings Library!

In gratitude,

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