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Welcome to the Sacred Teachings Library!


Here you will find a variety of sacred videos and seminars that are available for purchase. Each video contains a variety of wisdom pertaining to each subject and will allow you to expand your understanding and knowledge. Knowledge is power and when we understand our bodies, universal wisdom and sacred tools, we are able to reclaim our empowerment! This library is updated each month to contain more empowering videos just for you!

The Chakras + The Divine Feminine

In this sacred video, you will learn about the chakra system and how this relates to your entire being. Each chakra is discussed in depth and then related to the Divine Feminine, living an empowered, connected life and life as a powerful woman. 

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Heal your Womb, Heal your Life

In this sacred video, you will learn about the wisdom of the womb space and why living connected to this space is absolutely vital! You'll also learn about intuition, empowerment, the Divine Feminine and more as we discuss our most sacred space as women!

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The Wild Woman Archetype

In this sacred video, you will learn about the wild woman archetype, the Divine Feminine, the Priestess and the wild unapologetic feminine nature that lives within each of us! This video will offer you tools to live a more authentic, empowered life! 

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Honoring the Yoni

In this sacred video, you will learn about the wisdom of the yoni, or vagina. We'll be talking about everything your mom probably didn't teach you about your yoni from the wisdom it holds to basic care and more!

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Money Mindset + Attracting Abundance

In this sacred video, you will learn about how to attract more financial abundance into your life, stepping into a money mindset and my top 5 suggestions to attract more money in your life!

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Nourishing the Breasts

In this sacred video, you will learn about breast health and what you can do to radically support the health of your breasts. You'll also learn my top 6 suggestions for healthy breasts and how to implement them into your life.

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New videos are added monthly! Check back regularly to see the new videos added each month!

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