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New Moon in Aquarius February 2018

The moon fully wanes into the sacred new moon time on February 15th, 2018. Aligning in the sign of Aquarius, this new moon offers us the wisdom of self love, change and initiation.

We are also witnessing a partial Solar Eclipse (visible only in South America and Antarctica) and so this is stirring the pot of change. Last month we witnessed a partial lunar eclipse and last fall we witnessed a full solar eclipse. Energy has been building between all of these alignments!

Interestingly, the month of February will not have a full moon and instead this new moon is the only major lunar alignment we will see all month. This happens occasionally and is considered a powerful and sacred alignment.

Aquarius, an air sign that is related to our intellect and communication, will be paving a new era for each of us.

The new moon time each month represents a time of reflection, inwardness and renewal. A time to let go, release and surrender, the new moon is a time of deep inner work. This is a very powerful time to let go of the things that hold you back in life and set new intentions.

With all of this alignment and with the close proximity to Valentine's Day, you may have noticed your close relationships and love life changing. Many women in private sessions have been sharing with me that relationships feel rocky right now and that they are seeking clarity and groundedness in their relationships.

Have you found this to be true in your life?

With this sacred new moon time in aquarius, you are being offered the space to sink into your own inner knowing, find stillness and cultivate deeper self love.

By healing ourselves and discovering the limitless self love that exists within each of us, we will find the clarity and groundedness that we seek.

I read a fascinating book recently called It Takes One to Tango and it has reshaped how I view relationship dynamics and how by healing ourselves we may heal most of the imbalances in our relationships, providing there isn't abuse or severe imbalances.

You have the space here to offer yourself self care and love so that you may share this love with those you care about! Only from a full cup are we able to give deep love to others.

This moon has also called many of us to seek a quiet space to be still. Myself and most of the women I have talked to recently have been feeling a huge pull to be alone and to honor time to be introverted. In general, being social and extroverted during the new moon doesn't feel authentic, however this moon is pulling as inward deep. This is an important time to honor what you need and make space to be alone.

Know that this is a sacred time to ground and be still, return to the love you offer yourself and honor what you need during the next few days.

- 3 ways to honor this New Moon in Aquarius -

1. Take time to practice self care! This is important with very new moon but especially key during this moon time. Go for a walk in nature, get a massage, eat your favorite food, take a nap or meditate. Make space to take care of yourself!

2. Ground with the earth. Try to put your bare feet on the earth and allow your body to physically ground. This may sound new-agey but more and more research is coming out showing just how healing grounding is!

3. Give yourself the space to be introverted if you are feeling the shadow of this moon deeply. Don't feel bad for honoring what you and your body need and instead create a supportive and healing space for yourself.

May this moon cast shadows on the places you need them.

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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