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Goddess Boxes

a subscription of sacred tools and Goddess must-haves delivered to your door four times a year

Get sacred gifts, tools and offerings delivered to you!

Our Sacred Goddess Box is a beautiful offering for women living a sacred life! These sacred subscription boxes are full of a variety of sacred tools, gorgeous crystals, beautiful offerings and hand selected items to support you on your individual journey!

4 times a year you will receive a sacred box full of Goddess goodies. Each of these sacred Goddess Boxes offer you sacred gifts in alignment with the Solstices and Equinoxes


Each subscription box contains items valued at over $150! At your local crystal store or metaphysical store, these items would cost this much or more! 

Your Sacred Goddess Box is an amazing offering because you receive all of these items for far less! 

Each Sacred Goddess Box may contain crystals, candles, local art, jewelry, oracle cards, sage bundles, books, seeds, rose water, anointing oils, flower essences, music, incense, clothing and so much more!

During each solstice or equinox, you will awake to find a beautifully packaged Goddess Box on your doorstep full of sacred items! 

"I received my Winter Solstice Goddess box and I absolutely LOVE it. The bloodstone necklace is gorgeous and “so me” and the quartz and black kyanite were two crystals I have been specifically wanting. Thank you for an amazing package!"


What your box contains

Your sacred box includes all of your Goddess items, a detailed letter about the Solstice or Equinox and how to celebrate it and a handwritten card just for you!

"I just received my Goddess Box from a friend. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. The items were so perfectly chosen and meant to be mine. I’m in awe of such a beautiful gift. My gratitude is overflowing."


Goddess Boxes are Sold Out

To be notified when Goddess Boxes are available again for purchase, please join the waiting list here. 

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