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  • Cassandra Wilder

The Wisdom of the Womb

Inside each woman is a sacred space that connects a woman to wisdom, passion, life and empowerment. This sacred organ is our womb, or uterus.

Many of us have not paid much attention to this space, other than when our body cramps during our menstrual cycles. But this sacred organ holds some of the most potent healing energy and guides us as women on our paths.

The womb is the seat of intuition, power and innate wisdom. From this sacred space, we are guided and called to the next step in our journeys. Our intuition, or gut feeling, inspires us along the way, redirecting us when we have lost our way.

Many of us have forgotten the wisdom within our wombs. So many of us have been taught to ignore the sacred nature within us and instead seek to fit into the mold set before us.

The womb is the portal between this realm and the spiritual world, providing a sacred space for a body and spirit to intertwine. The womb is where creativity is birthed. The womb is where sexual passion is stored and honored. The womb is where unresolved conflict and pain sit.

The womb also honors the women who have walked before us as well as the women who will someday walk this earth. When your grandmother was in the womb, she had all of her eggs in her ovaries formed and your mother laid within one of those eggs. You too existed inside one of your mother's eggs too. We are so deeply connected to the women in our lineage and honoring our sacred womb space honors those women too.

Honoring this space does more than just bring awareness, it heals past traumas and transforms your future.

How can you connect with this sacred space? Here are 3 suggestions below-

1. Meditate with your womb. Make a quiet space for yourself and allow your eyes to close and breath to slow. Place your hands over your belly and connect with your womb space. We offer a womb meditation audio in our shop if you need some help connecting to this space.

2. Begin to honor this space during your menstrual cycle. You will find that as you embrace your cycle and your body's natural shifts, your menstrual cycle will change too. Less painful cycles and less cramping are commonly reported when loving awareness is brought to your womb. Learn more about how to make menstruation sacred here.

3. Find a practitioner in your area that offers Maya Abdominal Massage or Womb Massage. During one of these sessions, a practitioner will use oil and other herbs and rub your belly. This stimulates healing in the womb and can be a powerful way to let go of trauma held there. I highly recommend trying this!

You can also join us for a Goddess Retreat, a sacred weekend or week of sacred practices, empowerment, beautiful scenery, organic meals and mindful movement. These are powerful spaces to reconnect to all that it means to be woman.

We believe when you heal your womb, you heal your life.

May you reconnect to this sacred space!

In gratitude,


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