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What a Blessingway Is and How to Host One

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Blessingways are powerful gatherings that celebrate pregnant mamas, and we're honored to share more about these beautiful offerings here. Want to learn how to guide Blessingways in your community? Learn how to lead them here! This is a great compliment to any massage, yoga or women's circle business.


You may have heard once or twice the word blessingway. While it's a word we hear periodically in conversations surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, here we're sharing what this sacred practice is and how to guide one! Today, we will be diving into the meaning of a blessingway as a celebratory gathering and how to host one for yourself or for a friend.

As women, we go through so many changes in our lives as we grow from our childhood and into a fully bloomed woman. And with these transitions, changes in our roles as women also occur; from a daughter to a lover and eventually, if you see yourself as one, as a mother. These transitions are often perceived as something that is normal for women and we sometimes forget that these changes of roles deserve to be celebrated, and this is where a Blessingway comes in!

A blessingway is a celebratory gathering for the sole purpose of pampering and giving time and attention to a woman who is pregnant. During this time, you or your pregnant friend goes through a very meaningful transition from maiden to mother. A blessingway is a gathering honoring the soon-to-be mom as she embraces this whole new journey and embarks on the path of raising another human being in this world.

Blessingways have long been practiced through generations that can be traced back to the sacred roots of the Navajo tradition and many other versions of this is widely practiced across the different cultures around the world.

Blessingways are very different to a baby shower. A baby shower usually does not encourage pampering and celebratory practices for the mother and instead may be more focused on gift giving.

Blessingways, on the other hand, focuses on the needs of the soon-to-be mama. This is the one day that the soon-to-be mother gets to be pampered, taken care of and celebrated for the huge role that she is about to play in the new life of her baby. This means you can get creative and personalized on how you can host a blessingway.

What happens in a blessingway?

Again, blessingways can be personalized, depending on the likes and needs of the celebrant. Here are some ideas that you can do if you are planning to hold a blessingway soon!

--Create a healing, safe and welcoming space for this sacred gathering. We want to make the soon-to-be mom feel like she is welcomed with healing intentions and warm wishes by her closest friends and family. You can choose to set up chairs in a circle or sit on the floor, whichever is more comfortable for your group.

--Welcome each sister in the circle and explain the meaning and purpose of the blessingway that you are about to celebrate. This is important because not everyone in the group may know what the purpose of a blessingway and doing this will help align the group’s intentions and wishes for the soon-to-be mom.

--You can begin weaving the mother a flower crown, a foot soak or a soothing massage.

--You can also welcome a henna artist to henna her belly if this is something she is open to doing.

--Enjoy some healthy food together as you celebrate the mother

This is a simple flow for a blessingway and you can always choose to modify it to the liking of the mother who is being celebrated.

If you want to learn more about Blessingways, its history and how to actually organize them in your community, you can sign up for our sacred Women's Blessingway Guide Training! This guide was made with the intention of teaching you the sacred art of leading Blessingways. You will also learn the applicable tools and flows to guide you and support you as you lead them in your own community.

This training is for you, whether you are leading one for a friend or if you would like to offer these regularly in your area.

You can sign up for this Blessingway training here!

May you be blessed with sacred healing and grace!

With gratitude,

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