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Conscious Love with the Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

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The relationship between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is astounding. The moment that we understand the balance in both will be the time when we touch the deepest and the purest layer of love.

For most of us, we were never taught how to create and nurture a healthy and well-balanced relationship. Most of us have worked through defeating and imbalanced relationships that are disempowering and likely left all of us wondering where our ideal partner really was.

It took me years to finally understand the dance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. Although I am still learning and uncovering the truths between these two energies, here are the tools that guided me through and helped me with my relationships.

It is important to note that men and women have a certain level of masculinity and femininity. A person may have stronger masculine energy (yang energy) or can more aligned to his/her feminine every (yin energy). As we go along, know that I will be using the words masculine and feminine as reference applicable to any human being, regardless of gender.

Let’s get right to it. How can you create healthy relationships by honoring the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine? I've laid out 4 steps for you to positively support your relationship.

This 4-step process will help you understand yourself and your partner on a deeper level in recognizing both the Divine Masculine and Feminine inside of us all.

Four Steps to Embody Balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

1) Acknowledge the Desires of the Feminine

The Divine Feminine has the innate desire to be chosen. This is something that various scholars who study the Divine Feminine can agree upon. The Divine Feminine craves an affirmation and recognition that she was chosen and chosen for a substantial reason. She does not want to be chosen for the sake of being feminine, she wants to be chosen for a deeper meaning and purpose because she is honored and she is special.

Teachers of the Divine Feminine have reiterated the importance of the feminine being chosen over time in a partnership. This allows the feminine to feel secured and safe within the partnership that she is in. And when she feels this, the feminine can grow, flourish and create beautiful things into the world.

I think we can all relate to this. Would we want to be in a relationship with someone who chose us just because we're a human? No. We want to be with someone who recognizes our beauty, kindness, purpose and mission. We desire to be seen for who we are and chosen because of that.

2) Recognize the Desire of the Masculine

Just as the feminine has her needs, the masculine also has desires deep within him. The masculine desires support, encouragement and appreciation from the loving and supportive feminine. Criticism can be lethally damaging to the masculine. The quickest way to destroy a relationship is through criticism as this removes the passion and fire from a partnership.

The masculine heart grows when offered encouragement and appreciation. This is the primary need of the masculine’s heart. This genuine appreciation and recognition feeds the masculine.

3) Focus on What You Can Offer

When you are in a relationship, focus more on what you can do for your partner instead of what your partner can do for you. If a loving shoulder rub and embrace is what you want to offer to your partner after a long day, do it with pure intentions of giving.

Magical things happen in your relationship when you genuinely offer your partner love and affection without the anticipation of reciprocity. Your partner will feel loved, respected, honored and adored. In return, they'll likely willingly offer you their love ten-fold. This piece of advice is what is emphasized largely in one of my favorite relationship books, It Takes One To Tango.

Genuinely giving is one of the most amazing gifts one has to offer in a relationship. Plan out something special for your loved one in the next few days and see for yourself how meaning it will be for them. You’ll be surprised with the amount of love that your partner has to offer back, as well.

4) Heal Together

As partners, healing together is key and powerful in cultivating a balanced and healthy relationship. You must not allow yourselves to get stuck and stagnant at a certain point. Nourish personal growth and development, as well as self-transformation. If you cultivate yourself and flourish within the relationship, you will also watch your relationship grow with you.

Love this topic? Listen to the GoddessCeremony Podcast and tune into our episodes about the dance between the divine masculine and feminine.

These tips are accumulated and compiled from reliable books, podcasts and trainings that focuses on empowering the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. If you choose to add more from these tips, comment below! We would love to hear them!

With gratitude,

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