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Healing with the 5 Elements to Embrace Your Wholeness

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We're honored to share this amazing guest blog post by Dr. Ashley Abbs. Ashley is a writer, acupuncturist and mentor with a powerful mission, and we're so excited to share her wisdom about the elements and healing with you. Enjoy!


There’s a guidance system within you that is waiting to be activated.  It’s foundations are supported by the cycling of mother nature and has the capacity to help heal your body, support your phasic cycling of life transitions, and manifest your desires into form.  It all starts with embracing your wholeness and unapologetically honouring who you are thru the lens of your 5 Element Type, the worlds oldest personality typing system created over 2000 years ago. 

Are you… 

An Earth Type, a natural Nurturer and Peacemaker, you’re everybody’s best friend with an ability to meet individuals where they’re at, not needing to force your agenda allowing you to  create harmony among individuals and circumstance.  

A Metal Type, considered the Architect, Artist and Alchemist, with the capacity to make something out of nothing with the clarity and precision to also help others appreciate the present moment and connect to their purpose. 

A Water Type, the Dreamer, Philosopher and Mystic, curious and drawn to the depths of thought, you ask excellent questions that act as a catalyst for the soul.  You’re always seeking authentic expression as you look to the bigger picture. 

A Wood Type, the Pioneer, Warrior and Visionary, you are a change maker and a natural born leader that's constantly seeking growth and development to help bring your vision up and out for the world to see.  

Lastly, are you the Fire Type?  

The Lover, Performer and Connector, always the life of the party and the centre of attention, you love a good collaboration and are the bringer of warmth and happiness to every room you enter to inspire others to savour the moment.  

If you see yourself in a couple of these types, this is because you are actually an embodiment of all five of the elements, However, each of us typically has one dominant Element which is more prevalent than the others and I like to think of this as a starting place that provides a portal to deeper understanding of who you are and why you are the way you are.  

Once you’ve gotten to know your dominant type and how it helps to confirm and support your body, mind and inner knowing you begin to notice how each of the elements offers you guidance and medicine to bring greater ease and harmony to help foster meaningful relationships with yourself and those that you love, while also offering you steady steps to assist you in designing a life that you love in alignment with your inherent strengths and values. 

Teaching my clients to engage with their 5 Element type, thru identifying and fostering their innate gifts and strengths so that they become supportive threads that emerge to help inform them of directions that are in their best interest.  They no longer feel that they need to second guess their intuition or the opportunities that serendipitously show up at their feet as if my magic. This is because they immediately know what's the most supportive to them at that moment and where they need to go as it relates to their Element type.  

This is because each type has specific requirements that are needing to be reconciled in order for an individual to feel whole.  An Earth type must know that an outcome will provide them greater support and nourishment, a Metal to be recognized for their efforts and to experience closure. A Water requires to feel both a sense of safety and freedom, a Wood Type must know that they are growing and are connected to a vision that will move them forward to their greatest potential and a Fire must experience physical closeness and greater opportunities for intimacy otherwise its not worth it. 

These are just a few of the requirements that each Element must reconcile within themselves and in relationship to other people, their work and their greater desires.  Upon learning your 5 Element type there is an opportunity to ask specific questions and negotiate their resolution so that you may not only feel satisfied by possible future outcomes or pathways to your innate potential being manifested, but also deeply seen and understood throughout your journey. 

One of the most amazing things that has occurred in working with these Elements has been watching my clients release guilt, shame and comparison to others with ease.  They can easily identify how another person is a different Element type from them and therefore has an entirely different set of skills, values, and blueprint that supports them.  This enables them to affirmatively stay in their own lane while they honour and trust their inner knowing to help them solve problems in supportive ways that allow them achieve their goals on their own terms and personal definitions of success.   

Confirmation to who you are liberates both your decision making and goal setting processes so that you may authentically step forward to be your own authority of your life.  Confident that every aspect of your life can feel supported and in alignment with your values and what you know to be true. In doing so, experiencing feelings of sovereignty that fuels you to seek support, create community and live the life that your hearts whispers to you in moments of stillness is affirmed. 

For me personally, welcoming the 5 Elements and their medicine into my life, with the understanding that I am an Earth Dominant, Water Secondary has help me to stop asking myself “what’s wrong with me” and empowered me to take a stand for who I am. So that I may grant myself permission to honour my flow of creativity and its implementation so that it works for me in my work, my life, my relationships and supports me to bring my desires full circle to their manifestation into the world, and I want that for you too.


If you would like to journey inward and reveal your 5 Element Type and your larger alchemy, you may get my Free guidebook and Quiz to unlock this powerful medicine and provide guidance towards your next steady step.  Link -

About the Author~

Dr. Ashley Abbs is a writer, acupuncturist, mentor for heart-centred practitioners & creatives based in Calgary AB, Canada.  She is the owner of TerraSana Health Clinic where she’s helped her patients engage their intuition and unique healing abilities to create a life of love & legacy.  She writes a popular weekly newsletter, XO the Elements and mentors practitioners and creatives in aligning their platforms and offerings with soul by utilizing the medicine and wisdom of the 5 Elements. Find Ashley’s latest projects at:

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