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The Top Rated Women's Circle Leadership Training in 2020

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We're so proud of our powerful women's circle certification training that has trained and certified over 100 incredible women worldwide! We are grateful to help more women lead circles so more sisters in the world can get the support they need. Become a women's circle leader in 2020 here.


Over the last 4 years we've curated a training for women that has been recognized as the best women's circle training program on the market. Not only is it comprehensive and incredibly deep, but it also attracts the most powerful women in the world. The community, sisterhood and collaboration that comes from this training is truly remarkable.

More women are searching for women's circles than ever before and the demand for women's circle leaders is incredibly high. We believe that women who are called to this path are meant do offer these sacred circles and we help you gain the tools you need to lead safe, empowering and ethical circles.

Learning how to lead sacred circles is a powerful initiation as you rise into your role as guide. We give you the information and wisdom that women were once taught AND create the sacred environment you need to heal yourself, rise into your power and learn how to create these beautiful circles in your community.

What our Women's Circle Creatrix Training includes:

-8 weeks of comprehensive online study as we dive into the art of women's circles, the moon phases, cultivating sisterhood, circle themes, altar creation, energy protection, crystals, sacred tools and so much more

-online moon circles to connect to the moon and sisterhood

-a powerful sisterhood community to grow with

-a gorgeous manual and certificate upon completion

-listing on as a Certified Creatrix

-advertising and finding your sisters as a Creatrix

-information on leading circles, workshops, online circles and more


From our Women's Circle Creatrix Training Retreat

We also have an optional 4 day retreat that women can join us for to put it all into practice and receive the love, support and nourishment they deserve before guiding sacred circles. This retreat includes accommodations, organic meals and more!

Or, if you live outside of the U.S. or are unable to travel, you have the option to become a women's circle leader online while still getting the support and sisterhood from your sisters around the world.

Your beautiful manual you receive in the training!

2020 IS YOUR YEAR, sister! If you've had women asking you to lead circles or simply felt the call in your heart, now is the time to rise to the occasion.

We cannot wait to sit in our sacred circle with you so very soon!

With love,


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