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  • Sarah Del Rey

Creating a Sacred Journaling Practice

Journaling is a beautiful way to express, reflect, and heal. Writing holds many benefits and the art of keeping a journal is a sacred act.

Journaling leads to:

~Stretching Your IQ

~Evoking Mindfulness

~Achieving Goals

~Emotional Intelligence

~Boosting Memory and Comprehension

~Strengthen Your Self-Discipline

~Improve Communication Skills


Don’t know where to start? Start anywhere, anytime, in anything. You don’t need a fancy journal, but if you’d like to, that's great and makes it even more special and personal.

You decide when it’s time to journal. There’s no set times or expectations when it comes to journaling. There’s no right way or wrong way. This is your creative freedom!

When it comes to journaling, experimenting with different methods is the only way to know what works best for you. It also depends on what you are trying to achieve from journaling.

Why are you journaling? And that question doesn’t need to be answered before you start, you may find the reason while doing the act itself.

Are you interested in a gratitude journal, an intention and manifestation journal, a daily release and reflection journal? There are many ways to center journal entries and some days you may wish to focus on writing about different topics. Give yourself prompts if that's helpful. Or meditate before writing and see where your clear and open mind takes you.

It may be helpful to have multiple journals. Dedicating one journal to one subject. For example, having a gratitude journal, separate from your daily journal. Making it easy to reflect on all that you are grateful for, in one place.

We recommend dating journal entries. That way, when you go back and look through past journals, you can clearly see your growth and transformations. It’s humbling. We also recommend sticking with it! Be consistent in your journaling. Take time for this special act of self-care. It might not seem important, but it is. You're developing, documenting, and diving deep into your own conscious mind. It’s fun, it’s basically free, and it’s something you can’t buy. We hope this inspires you to start journaling. You’ll be pleasantly surprised where it can take you!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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