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How to Celebrate New Moms and Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Celebrating new mothers and mothers-to-be has been weaved into nearly every culture for thousands of years. This sacred time of transition and change was seen as an initiation into one of the most sacred roles a human being can ever experience ~ Mother.

In our modern world, we sadly don't see this sacred celebration as much. Instead, the sacred offering of a Blessingway has been replaced with a Baby Shower and many women simply lack the support they need to honor their need for rest and bonding after birth.

So what can we all do for the women we love in our lives to show them that we love them, honor them and celebrate them for bringing another life into this world?

If the mama is pregnant~

Throw her a Blessingway! Different than a baby shower, a Blessingway focuses on celebrating the mother and her beautiful spirit. In lieu of gifts for the baby, a thoughtful circle is created to thank the mother for who she is. Guests may also participate in other sacred offerings like a gratitude circle, the painting of her belly with henna, creating a rose water foot soak for her and creating a beautiful beaded bracelet for her to wear during labor to give her the strength of her sisters.

A Blessingway is truly life changing. Especially during a time when a woman may feel extra tired, worn out or unappreciated, this is such a special way to remind the mama that she is so deeply loved.

If you want to learn how to guide a powerful Blessingway for a mama in your life, sign up for our Women's Blessingway Guide training here. Whether you want to lead just one or make this a business guiding this sacred experience for moms in your area, this course is for you!

If the baby has been born~

Reach out to the new mama or her partner and see if they need anything. Healthy, organic meals are ALWAYS appreciated. In many cultures, a woman would soak up a magical 40 day period with her little one. Staying mostly in bed and not venturing out into public, this 40 days would offer both the mom and baby a gentle transition into this new phase of life.

While that isn't possible for everyone, a community coming together can make that more feasible. Offering food, help cleaning the house or dishes, babysitting her other children or offering gentle food massages are all simple offerings that mean the world to a new mom.

As women, the act of supporting women through pregnancy and birth is embedded in our bones. Whether you are pregnant or know someone that is, take a moment to realize just how magical the Feminine is and how powerful our bodies truly are.

Offer love to a new mama in your life. Your love will be infinitely appreciated.

With gratitude, Cassandra Wilder

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