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My Favorite Empowering Podcasts to Listen To

I didn't get on the podcast obsession train until recently, and I feel like I've been missing out on all of these years that I resisted tuning in! Podcasts are an excellent way to learn new wisdom from experts and leaders in a variety of fields and expertise. I'm excited to share my favorite 4 podcasts that have been life changing for me and that may bring you some new inspiration and wisdom too!

-My 4 Favorite Empowering Podcasts to Listen To-

1) Manifestation Babe

Kathrin Zenkina is the epitome of a boss babe, and her podcasts are golden. Surrounding the area of money, mindset and manifestation, Kathrin has nearly a hundred podcasts that are full of wisdom. She also keeps things real, shares real daily struggles and how she went from flat broke to a self made millionaire within just a couple years. Highly recommend!

2) Namaslay with YogabyCandace

I had the pleasure to meet Candace last year at her Business and Marketing Retreat, and she's just as amazing in real life as she is in the online world. Her podcast is lighthearted and yet very informative with subjects ranging from yoga, healing, business and personal development. Her podcasts are great for road trips and plane rides because they're relaxing and fairly brief.

3) Goop

I discovered this gem just a few months ago, and I've been hooked! Hosted by Gwenyth Paltrow, this podcast covers so many different subjects within the realm of healing and transformation. They also bring on renowned doctors and experts as they discuss the mental, physical and emotional elements to healing.

4) GoddessCeremony Podcast Featuring Cassandra Wilder

Last but certainly not least, our very own podcast! We've worked hard to create a podcast that really stands out from the rest in terms of quality and information. We've received so much incredible feedback over the last month since our launch from women who have been searching for information on menstruation, the womb, the cervix, personal healing and more but hadn't found anything on the subjects until our podcast. We are grateful to be weaving together natural health with traditional women's wisdom in such a large scale format!

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Comment below and let us know! We'd love to review them in a future blog post!

With gratitude,

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