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Setting Intentions for the New Year

Can you believe that this year is already winding down to a close? The New Year is an auspicious time of growth, new beginnings and the life, death, life cycle. As we move into the new year, we have a powerful opportunity to reflect on the past year and let go of the things that did not work while also powerfully and excitedly setting intentions for the coming season.

I personally love the new year time. It’s a magical window of intentions, dreams, goals and positivity. Most people set some sort of goal with the new year, and I love watching people think outside of the box and determine what they want to do with this fresh start.

I highly recommend setting intentions with the new year, because this is a unique opportunity to reflect and create.


How to Set Intentions for the New Year -

While setting goals to lose weight, go to the gym more often or eat better are very valid goals for the new year, i’m going to encourage you to go even deeper. Rather than setting a goal to go to the gym, perhaps a more empowering goal could be to honor your body and listen to what it needs each day. Some days that might mean a run and other days that will certainly mean resting. Do you see the difference?

As you begin to set intentions, I invite you to do the following~

-Grab a brand new notebook that inspires you and sit in a comfortable place. You could choose to sit at your sacred altar, in bed or on the couch. Close your eyes and reflect on the past year. Allow yourself to reflect on what flowed beautifully and what things were very challenging. Allow yourself to recognize the lessons that were weaved throughout your year.

-Open your eyes and on one page, write out the lessons you learned in the past year. Perhaps you learned some hard business tips through trial and error or perhaps you learned what kinds of relationships were not healthy. Write it all out in the form of lessons learned.

-When you feel complete, close your eyes once again. Begin to vividly imagine the coming year and what we desire to see. Perhaps you desire to attract the love of your life, an amazing vacation, a deep sense of inner joy or more money. Without judgement, allow yourself to imagine the life you desire in the new year.

-When you’re ready, open your eyes and begin to write all of this out in the form of a positive affirmation. Write things as “I have a six figure income and feel connected to myself,” rather than “I want more money and joy.” There’s a huge difference between the two. Write out everything you desire at your core.

-When you’re finished, begin to think about some simple goals and intentions you can set right now to get you closer to these goals. If you want to make more money, set the intention to launch your own website and begin seeing clients. If you want to run a marathon this year, set the intention to honor your body and jog 3 times a week. If you want to attract your dream partner, set the intention to go to social events once a week.

-When you have all of your goals written out, take a moment to feel gratitude. Feel gratitude to be alive, to have everything in your life and to be safe. Thank the Universe, God, Mother Earth or yourself for this powerful moment.


Now, with the New Year you can begin taking the first step with your intentions. Recognize the lessons you learned in the past year, keep your vision on your massive goals and dreams and begin in the moment right now with your simple intentions.

Following this New Year’s flow will help you create the life of your dreams in the coming year!

If you’d like to share your goals or intentions with us, feel free to comment below or post it in our GoddessCeremony Sisterhood Facebook Group to gain support!

Happy New Year to you, sister!

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