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11 Perfect Songs for your Yoga Practice

We've shared a few blog posts about music for yoga and we're excited to share our newest favorite songs for your yoga playlist!

If you've been to a Goddess Retreat with us, then you likely know that we have some amazing yoga playlists! We love finding new and unique songs to weave together for a powerful yoga flow.

Sometimes we all need some really good music to get groovin' in our yoga practice! Below are 11 more of our favorite yoga songs to flow to!

1) Hymnal - In the Valley Below

2) The Homeless and the Hummingbirds - Alaska in Winter

3) Black Tables - Other Lives

4) Gold Flow - DJ Taz Rashid

5) Welcome Home, Son - Radical Face

6) I Open My Arms to Love (Jai Radhe) - Brenda McMorrow

7) Porcelain (Arty remix) - Moby

8) The Night We Met - Lord Huron

9) Slow Down - Scott Orr

10) Narayani Om (Abundance) - Edo & Jo

11) Ek Ong Kaar (Destiny) - Snatam Kaur

Love these songs? You can follow Cassandra Wilder on Spotify and enjoy all of these songs in one playlist! Simply search her name and click the playlist named "Yoga Flow Love"

With gratitude,

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