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How your Menstrual Cycle Aligns with the Moon

The moon and women are as intertwined as the night and the stars. As one waxes into full expansion, as does the other. When one pulls inward, as does the other. The cyclical balance has been around for thousands of years and at one point, all aspects of a woman: her mood, libido, energy, creativity etc. all existed in alignment with the moon phases.

For many of us however, we have lost the connection to the moon and to our own bodies. We lost that magical connection hat has guided us as women for thousands of years.

Remembering the wisdom of the moon and women is a powerful journey to reconnect to the power within.

Your menstrual cycle is a beautiful rhythm that you experience each month. If you grew up feeling like it was more of a curse than a blessing, I encourage you to keep reading!

In most cultures around the world, women of the tribes would menstruate with the new moon time. The new marks the time of darkness as the moon hides within the shadow. We know that women who spend a lot of time together sync together and menstruate at the same time and so during each new moon phase, the women of the tribes would gather together for a magical experience called the Red Tent.

Relieved of their duties, child care, chores and all obligations, the women would retreat into the Red Tent for a few days of each cycle and in this sacred space, rest, rejuvenate, share wisdom, sing, massage each other and weave baskets.

Women of all ages gathered together, some experiencing this for the first time after their first menstrual cycle and others in their sixties and honoring this time as their hundredth. Within this space, they celebrated all that it meant to be women.

Honoring the time of the new moon meant slowing down and returning to stillness. As women, we naturally feel introverted, less energetic and pulled within during the new moon.

Imagine what your life would be like had your menstrual cycle been celebrated and seen as the initiation of womanhood.

Learning to honor this sacred time is perhaps the most key aspect of reconnecting to the feminine.

If you feel dread that you have to live with your menstrual cycle for the next 30 years, why not create a way to enjoy it?

Honoring your menstrual cycle often causes your cycle to migrate into more alignment with the moon phases. It is such a gift to feel connected to this space!


Here are 3 sacred ways to connect to your menstrual cycle and to the sacred moon~

1. Change the way you menstruate! Look into using menstrual cups and see the transformation that happens when you use natural products during your menstrual cycle! We personally recommend the Lena Cup to hundreds of women around the world and watch it shift women's relationships to their cycles. Read our post all about why we recommend menstrual cups.

2. Listen to your body! When you feel your cramping begin each month or if you find yourself especially exhausted or withdrawn, find a way to honor that sensation. I find in my work with clients that often ignoring our body's calls to rest leads to more painful and debilitating menstrual cramps. Is there a way to rest for 30 minutes each day during your period? Can you make space to sit down at work or take a few deep breaths. When you feel this process beginning, make space to honor it where it's at.

3. Honor the moon time! During the new moon, it's important that we take time to rest and offer self care to ourselves. What could you commit to doing with each new moon to rejuvenate yourself? Some women like to get a massage with each new moon, or take an afternoon to go on a hike in nature or to perhaps just take an hour to relax on the couch. It truly doesn't matter - just think of what you could do for yourself with every new moon.

You can also learn how to sync your menstrual cycle with the new moon time specifically. Do note, this only works if you are not using hormonal birth control. Of course, we do not recommend quitting any form of medication, including birth control, and recommend working with a physician to ensure your body is properly supported.

If you want to learn more about how to make menstruation a sacred time of the month, listen to our podcast about empowered menstruation here!

The next time the moon wanes into the dark stage of newness, I encourage you to make space for quiet moments and to honor the incredible body that you have.

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