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Why Mercury in Retrograde is a Gift and How to Work WITH it

While many think of mercury in retrograde and think of panic, miscommunication and tech problems, there's much more to this auspicious time. Intrigued by the planets and healing? Download our FREE Moon Phases Guidebook to learn how to track your cycle and the moon.


Mercury retrograde. Just the word alone is enough to send some people into a minor existential crisis. While we hear about the common downfalls of mercury in retrograde: the potential miscommunication, tech problems, websites crashing and the warning to not make any big decisions during the retrograde, there is so much more to this auspicious time.

Yes, it is possible that during this astrological event communication will be limited and big decisions may not be entirely beneficial, but mercury in retrograde is not something to fear.

Instead, I think it's something we should wildly embrace, celebrate and seek to understand.

Alright, hear me out.

Here's 3 reasons why I look forward to mercury in retrograde and how you can too:

1) Mercury in Retrograde is all about perspective

If you think that this astrological event = horrible misalignments and tech issues, that's probably exactly what will happen! Do not discount the power of the subconscious and your mind. What you think shapes your reality. For years, I also got caught up in the hype surrounding mercury in retrograde and therefore was not remotely surprised when my apps kept force closing, my partner and I would get into a fight or I'd break a glass while doing the dishes.

It wasn't until I chose to reframe my perspective and be open to changing how I view mercury in retrograde. So instead of seeing it as a negative thing, I saw it in a light of wow! This is such a great time to be extra intentional and mindful!

Does that feel in alignment for you?

2) No more survival mode and hello to thriving mode

Similar to the first point, the perspective you take into this experience is what you'll receive from it. Rather than hunkering down and avoiding big commitments and conversations like the plague, I chose to see this as a time to be incredibly mindful with my words and how I communicate with others. I saw this as a time to enjoy the edge that mercury in retrograde can bring up (i.e. shadows and unhealthy patterns may rise up and can be embraced as a healing journey rather than pushed away). This was a game changer, and I encourage you to give it a go!

3) This is the ultimate time to do shadow work

Yes, it's true. Your shadow side, unconscious patterns and habits may surface during mercury in retrograde and this isn't necessarily bad. With a willingness to address these things and bring awareness to them, you can be liberated.

There is great freedom is sitting with these shadow depths vs. pushing them away in an attempt to be high vibe. What would it feel like to welcome these challenging patterns?

An honest perspective on Mercury in Retrograde

Some things like communication and tech can be limited during this time. Just a couple weeks ago I was editing our entire website and had put in hours of work to find that - none of it had autosaved and it refreshed to show that NOTHING was saved. Ouch.

It was a humbling reminder that this is a time to be extra vigilant but also to understand a greater purpose. While my initial reaction was horror, frustration and disappointment, I also felt that it was a sign to go back and be more intentional with the web pages. Perhaps something wasn't quite right with them and I needed a not so subtle nudge to go back and re-do them.

What are your opinions on mercury? Do you despise it or welcome it? We'd love to hear so comment below and let us know!

With gratitude,

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