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The Four Archetypes of the Divine Feminine and Womanhood

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The Divine Feminine flows through four distinct archetypes, and this blog will teach you how to harness the power of each phase. Ready to learn more about your cyclical health and reclaim your power? Embodied Wisdom is the manual to your body you've always wanted. Grab it here!


The feminine is diverse, constantly changing, ever-flowing and free. We are constantly on the move and shifting and coming into various phases, different archetypes and new chapters of our lives.

From history, references have been made to the Tri-Goddess or three major forms and stages that most women will go through in their lives. By studying with medicine women from around the world, I have found that every woman goes through 4 major archetypal phases that are incredibly similar to the moon. Every single phase holds its own unique magic and medicine.

The moon similarly goes through four distinct phases that are always changing and always moving. Here are the four major phases of the moon:

New Moon

Waxing Moon

Full Moon

Waning Moon

The moon cycles every 29.5 days and a woman's body moves through the same cycle and rhythm throughout the month. Now, let’s dive into the following phases of the Divine Feminine (Goddess Phases) and how they differ from each other.

The 4 Phases of a Woman and the Divine Feminine

The Maiden

This is the first stage of womanhood. This phase begins when we have our first menstrual cycle. It has been customary to celebrate this initiation into womanhood, also known as a first blood rite. This stage of life is a time filled with spectacle, positivity, dreams, and boldness.

Season: Spring

Moon Phase: Waxing Moon

Recommended Herb: Chaste Tree Berry

The Mother

The next phase of a woman is The Mother stage. This is the time when a woman carries a life inside her and grows an entire being within her as she embodies this phase. This phase is filled with strong nurturing energy, care, self-expression, and patience. A keynote for this phase: even if you do not physically carry children, you can still enter this phase. Through birthing a new passion, new business, new creative endeavor, etc. you can embody this phase and become The Mother to your own creations.

Season: Summer

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Recommended Herb: Honeysuckle Flower Essence

The Enchantress

This sacred phase commences during a woman’s menopause stage. When our menstrual cycle stops, we get the chance to look inwards and introspect. This is usually a time where most women work through reclaiming themselves selves after decades of care to others. This is a powerful transition for women. We often see divorces after 20 years, drastic lifestyle changes and bold steps taken by women as an instinctive nature calls them to return to their true selves and recall who they really are deep down.

Season: Fall

Moon Phase: Waning Moon

Recommended Herb: Nettle Leaf

The Crone

This final stage embodies wisdom, as we have aged and matured as women. The final phase is synonymously known as the medicine woman, the witch, the elder or the wise teacher. Through the years of nourishing and growing, we will now evolve into teachers. This is a sacred phase filled with wisdom, teaching and the passing down of medicine songs, tools, advice and skills. In this phase, we recognize the life, death, life cycle that is present all around the Universe.

Season: Winter

Moon Phase: New Moon

Recommended Herb: Red Raspberry Leaf

Have you figured out which phase you're in? What phase resonates with you during this time of your life? This is a powerful and deep subject and this blog is just a glimpse of the wisdom of the Divine Feminine and the 4 archetypal phases.

If you are interested and ready to dive deeper into the Divine Feminine and how each phase magically interweaves the other, sign up now for our Embodied Wisdom Moon Training! This training will give you full wisdom on the Divine Feminine, the moon and how we can live to be women who are empowered and connected. Click here for more details.

May this wisdom resonate with what you exactly need.

With gratitude,

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